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Shakespeare post!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, by Joss Whedon, Age 9: Part II!

AKA, interviews with Joss and the stars of his secret production of Much Ado About Nothing that he filmed at his house with all his buddies. There is nothing that is not awesome about this concept.

COURTNEY: Wait... Branagh directs Thor. Whedon directs The Avengers. I smell some sort of bet or one-upmanship here. Are they playing Director Bingo now? Is Branagh's next project a witty supernatural tv show?
DAVE: Then Joss will direct Mary Shelley's (But Not Really) The Last Man, and Kenneth Branagh will produce Lady Death's Sing-A-Long Twitter Feed...

Meanwhile, Anonymous is ::gasp!:: filled with historical inaccuracies!!! (I think zombie!Marlowe might be my favorite. He can hang out with zombie!Oxford as he writes all the Shakespeare plays published after he died in 1604.) And the great Oxfordians vs. Stratfordians debate has truly reached its pinnacle and landed its very own Fandom Wank entry.

Unfortunately, no one has mentioned whether or not in Anonymous "Shakespeare" has to outrun an explosion (probably from the Globe catching fire). That's what *I* want to see in a Roland Emmerich movie.
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NY Magazine vs. The Killing Disease

(Haha, I like the alternate title in the URL.)

I'm always glad when people take on this trope, since just because Anyone Can Die doesn't mean anyone SHOULD die. Too often the wanton slaughter of main characters is used as a cheap way to achieve True Art Is Angsty and not as a legitimate storytelling decision with consequences and thematic relevance. (And even then, fridging someone isn't exactly a great artistic decision, either.) Just because it's depressing doesn't mean it's good! Any trope can be used for good or evil.

...And this concludes your irregularly scheduled tropebombing.
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Wow, last week was busy. I had three goals: 1) finish two stories to submit to Machine of Death 2; 2) finish Diana's Slytherin scarf for HP 7.2; 3) finish Basara so I could give all 27 volumes back to Courtney. Naturally, I only accomplished one of these things (1). And then, on Thursday when I had a million things to do, I came down with bizarre chest congestion and general blah and have felt like a woeful Dickensian orphan all weekend.

But I did see HP 7.2 on opening night! I was underwhelmed. )

And then I drove up to Boston to see Courtney! On Saturday, we went to the MFA:

ME: ...Does that say "Cthulu"?
COURTNEY: I think it's the Chihuly exhibit.

TURNS OUT WE WERE BOTH RIGHT. Little did we know that for all appearances the world of glass-blowing is merely a cover for the Elder Gods to break through to our universe. I don't really know what else would explain the theme of extra-dimensional tentacles... )

On a similar note, adherents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are now permitted to wear pasta strainers as religious headgear for driver's license photos in Austria.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 3: A genre novel that is underrated.

(Look, they don't say thirty CONSECUTIVE days.)

I can't think of a specific book, but I can think of a specific author: Patricia McKillip. It seems that no one has anything bad to say against her, but she rarely gets brought up in discussions about classic fantasy novels, and I think she's one of the most consistently good authors in the genre. She's awesome at riffing on some of fantasy's most compelling themes -- the power of nature, music, and story-telling -- and using its most familiar tropes in new and interesting ways while never really repeating herself. She also has a beautiful dream-like style of writing AND a knack for creating likable characters. What's not to like?

Here, have some reviews of her stuff:

The Sorceress and the Cygnet/The Bell at Sealey Head

The Cygnet and the Firebird
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And thus began the Battle of the Rogue Rhododendron. )

In other news

- I got a new job! Well, technically, I got ANOTHER job. I get to review Shakespeare plays! Big Grandmother apparently does not approve:

- By way of Katherine: welcome to Oregon, where the beaches will fucking kill you.

- American Gods is being turned into a tv show!

Good: produced by HBO, Tom Hanks, and Neil himself, and will have an actual budget!

Weird: "six seasons, each [...] of 10-12, [sic] hour-long episodes". Sixty episodes? I don't think American Gods even has that many chapters.

- I'm going to see LotR: FotR: Extended Edition in theaters tonight!

Which leads us to:

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 2: Your Favorite Character

"I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend..."

<3 <3 <3 ~*~*~*~Faramir~*~*~*~ <3 <3 <3

It was hard to pick just one, but Faramir wins because he stands for a whole archetype of my favorite characters: the badass pragmatist who is nevertheless a (not-so-secret) idealist underneath. Whether they are staring down a Nazgûl, blowing up the Pegasus, or dropping a mountain on an invading demon army, my favorite characters cradle their honor close to their hearts. It's a lot easier to hit the bad guys with, that way.

(You can expect a lot of fist-shaking when I go see The Two Towers next week.)
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Haha, remember that time a noreaster rolled in during the five minutes it takes me to walk down the block to Starbucks, and then it immediately stopped raining as soon as I got there? ME TOO. ::wrings out khakis::

In other news, on my commute this morning, I honest-to-God saw one of these trucks.

It's probably just as well I don't have Lance in my pants; he'd be soaking wet by now.

Spam, Spam, Bacon, Links, and Spam:

Any article that mentions kuru is a winner in my book - FYI: Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?

The pizza you save may be your own - Alert Pizza Delivery Driver Saves Customer's Life

Said Bookisms: the edible ball-bearings of the writing world - The Use and Abuse of Dialogue Tags

SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE - Time Lapse Videos of the Universe

Seriously, anyone who doesn't put Isabella in the Lawful column clearly didn't pay any attention AT ALL during Measure for Measure - Shakespeare Alignment Chart

Damn you, British theater-goers! WHY CAN'T I HAVE NICE THINGS - Danny Boyle's Frankenstein (Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Lee Miller) (HAHAHA HIS FAAAAAAAACE.)
ETA: Woohoo, broadcast!

The Christian Science Monitor: boldly going where all 12-year-old minds have gone before - Need Help Finding Uranus? (And don't miss the follow-up article, Scientists Plan Uranus Probe. Did you know Uranus has the most powerful wind observed in the solar system?)


Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:08 pm
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Via Laura:


KATHERINE: I don't understand why you are confused...makes perfect sense to me

DAVE: ...

KATHERINE: clearly it is a metaphor for the antelope-headed demon inside all of us


KATHERINE: the bees are a metaphor for the identity-less workers of our society

DAVE: and the hair?

KATHERINE: the mask all of us hide our true feelings behind

DAVE:'s all becoming clear...
or maybe i've just gone insane from the dance number

now that...i can't explain
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1) Disney Adapting Mort

Given that a) Mort was never my favorite Discworld book so I don't care if they change it, b) any standard Disney plot + Death = INSTANT HILARITY, c) they DID manage to make The Emperor's New Groove, clearly SOMEONE understands how bizarre and parodic humor works, and d) at least it will LOOK awesome, I AM SUPER EXCITED.

2) Star Wars: The Saga Continues... As an Actual Icelandic Saga

Star Wars! Old Norse! What more do you need.

3) Speaking of Star Wars: Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters!

4) Hipster Hitler

aka Godwin's Law: the Webcomic

"Goebbels, you deutschbag, this is Arial! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

(My favorite are his t-shirts.)


6) Now you, too, can be part of the culture of death!

"Machine of Death is an upcoming published anthology of short stories edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !, inspired by this episode of Ryan’s Dinosaur Comics." Also featuring internet superstars like Randall Munroe and Kate Beaton and much, much more!

You can buy it on Amazon, or download it as a free e-book or podcast! More info here.
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So, it was fine when they installed automatic lights in my office and surrounding hallways. I don't turn the lights on anyway (to encourage the a/c), and trying to sneak down the hallways in the dark has proved more fun than it really should. The demon pig was disturbing, but the way it would mysteriously move around without human intervention added some zest to my day. Then they moved all our filing cabinets into the stairwell. Weird, but fine; we'll probably be moving soon anyway. All the loose wiring hanging down from displaced ceiling tiles added a certain charm to the place. Sure, they left all our floor mats out across the hallway, but at least we have clean carpets. And go ahead, don't bother to empty the trash! I'm sure the floor mats will enjoy the company as the contents of my office osmose out into the hallway.

But you know what's the BEST? Dropping a vanilla latte in my car!

What I'm saying is that I cannot wait for my vacation to start tomorrow. ::sigh::

Here, have some links:

candle cove… was it about pirates?

Take it easy on the kid, SilverFox316; everybody kills Hitler on their first trip.

Mark Reads Harry Potter

Are You Brian Blessed Or Not?
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I had a birthday! Now I FINALLY have my own house key! And other awesome stuff too, like remastered The Beatles and a complete set of Avatar DVDs and various classics of English Lit, now with more supernatural menaces.

In Other News

Ten Rules for Writing Fiction: Technically, this is "Two-Hundred and Forty-Six Rules for Writing Fiction According to Various Authors (Including Neil Gaiman), Many of Whom Disagree With One Another". Also, Margaret Atwood needs to invest in some mechanical pencils.

Oh, and Google has apparently weaponized Lester Dent's Secret Master Plot. Big Grandmother does not approve!

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These pictures are coooooooooooooooool.

From Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle, aka awesome photos from the Hubble (NYT).

Top Ten Space Pictures: the Best of 2009, aka "Well, OF space and FROM space are basically the same, right? I mean, they all look pretty sweet." (Nat Geo)

As thanks to Laura for that second link, I made her a picture:

Warning: contains bad photoshop )

And then she sent me video WIN!

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P&P&Z: The Mini-Series!


The Great Scrapple Flame War of 1872

Still typing up NaNo! Why yes, I am slow.
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So, Big Grandmother strikes again!

Have some cool links:

- Have you ever thought, "Gosh, I want to make some pizza dough, but all I have is flour, baking powder, and beer"? Well, fear not!

- This article had me at the title: 'New Moon' Exclusive: Which of Robert Pattinson's co-stars does he find the most difficult? His hair.

"I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance." -- Explains a lot, really.

- Detailed and amusing re-caps/commentary on the first 6 books of WoT. Extremely convenient if you want to read the new book, but haven't read the rest of the series, uh, 4 years, and now have no idea who anyone is, where they are, or what they're doing.

- ETA: My friend Melissa (who you may recognize as "random girl in that one dance scene in The Village") is in a contest to get a Doritos commercial aired at the Superbowl! It's actually pretty funny, so you should go watch it (make sure you hit "skip intro"). And then you should view it daily, since it only tracks which computers view it one day at a time, and she needs 1500 views.

- ETA ETA: Pride and Prejudice and Emoticons

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars )

- You know what would have been an even cooler idea? "Doctor Who: The Water Ice of Mars", wherein the Doctor battles a sinister alien threat transmitted through the astronauts' dessert.
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Did you know that the Knights of the Round Table invented the pick-up line?

And thus Sir Gawain spake thusly, Ladye, in sooth thou muste be soore weried, for with michel fleetness of foote thou hast flied both toward and froward throughout min swefnes all the nicht!
-- "La Morte D'Arthvader"

Anyways, find this instructive tidbit and more in "When You Marry", one of those amazingly helpful efforts from the 50s and 60s designed to tell you almost nothing useful about dating, love, sex, and marriage: Love, 1962 American High School Style.

And go watch some MST3K while you're at it:

Are You Ready for Marriage?

What To Do on a Date
Had this been an actual date, you would have been instructed where to go.
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Discovered by [ profile] naturalblue208: the best Pride and Produce Prejudice sketch EVAR!

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So, io9 had a post on TV Shows We Wish Would Swap Writing Staffs, which mainly reveals that I am not trusting anyone at io9 to dictate what qualifies as good writing, uh, EVER.

However, they gave some love to SPooN, so yay. Even though I'm pretty sure that if SPooN writers ended up on Lost, their heads would explode, because SPooN is not so much with the complicated plot. And as for Torchwood and Dollhouse switching, while actually funny snarky dialogue for Jack would be much appreciated (::misses Steven Moffat::), letting Rusty and the Torchwood staff near a show that ALREADY has problems with its own tricky consent and rape issues is a whole world of DO NOT WANT.

In conclusion: Sylar was so much cooler when he was basically a zombie serial killer.

ETA: Casting News for Dollhouse. Damn, but that's pretty much made of awesome. It's like they're TRYING to make me watch.
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So, you know what's been missing all your life? The LOLcat Wasteland!

teh metaphorz are thick and fast, / no can has literal translationz

I assume this what would happen if The Wasteland and Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats had a hideous mutant baby.

In other news, April really IS the cruelest month, because it was about ONE MILLION DEGREES today, and being as it takes the A/C at work a few days to kick in, I work on the third floor, and our office faces east, TODAY KIND OF SUCKED. Also, I suspect TOMORROW WILL KIND OF SUCK TOO.

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Today's Dinosaur Comic is UNFORTUNATELY RELEVANT to my life.
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Dude, how much do I love today's XKCD?

Because it's not like I thought the exact same thing or anything :D


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