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Not to mock your pain or anything, but I'm kind of amused that my friends list is primarily tearful farewells to the college life. (That and Doctor Who newsletters, because I am that cool). It hasn't really hit me yet, although this may be partially due to the fact that I've spent most of the last week sleeping on account of bronchitis.

However, in solidarity, I must admit I will miss school, especially being able to harass my awesome friends at will. I already miss being able to walk everywhere -- cabin fever + high gas prices = sadness. I'll even miss classes, because aside from actually handing in assignments, I love learning stuff and discussing it with escalating vocabulary wars.

There's also the fact that I need to figure out something to do with my life, or at least figure out a sufficiently prestigious delaying tactic so people will stop singing "What do you do with a BA in English?" at me. I don't mind entering the real world, but it would be nice if I had a clue for what to do in it. Anyways, at least I have the summer to look for something while I'm administrative assisting (or staff supporting, which is what my badge says) at good ole' UDHS.

In conclusion: I'm sure Mick Jagger speaks for all of us when he sang "I see my red door and it has been painted black." Because nothing says woe like Rolling Stones emo, and nothing can more elegantly express the despair of the ever-changing cycle of life than rhyming "black" with "black". Forty times.
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Wow, so it's really hard to print off a copy of your transcript (or graduate, for that matter) if you have a hold on your record until DECEMBER 31, 2099 because you didn't fill out your Perkins Exit Loan Survey.


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Earlier today...

In Linguistic Anthro. Just successfully gave a presentation on an article by Michael Silverstein, who appears to have blown his entire budget on 50 cent words. Example sentence: "Here, recall, community is the performative baptismal magic in the discourse of identity politics that turns macrosociological categories -- various demographic aspects of individuals as they exist in a social formation -- into imagined homogeneous groups with an executive or at least agentive ability to act in given institutional contexts[...]"
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Things that are made of win:
- I actually finished a paper due today at 2:00 LAST NIGHT! I got 8(ish) HOURS OF SLEEP! I can REVIEW IT AT MY LEISURE today!

Things that are made of fail:
- projectile vomiting
- Kirstin's phone
- My oatmeal, which is more like soup

In conclusion: I need to go tutor small children now.
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I am done the psych term paper of doom! Huzzah!
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Aaaaaaaaand the first full week of class is complete! I like all my classes (Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories, Shame and Self-Respect, Worlds of Music, and Phonetics and Phonology), though I did have existential angst about dropping Language Patterns because 1) it looked really interesting, 2) the prof seemed awesome, and 3) there were lots of cool people in it! However, I decided that since I can't write an honors thesis (::grumble::), I'd like to work on my Monroe Slacker's Project instead, and I don't think I'd have enough time to do that with 5 classes. It made me very sad, though.

Last night was exciting fun. We had tea and scones at Katherine's, then played the King Arthur drinking game (not with actual alcohol, though, because A, you would die, and B, we were watching it in a classroom) because Natasha had never seen the movie, although since she didn't really hear a whole lot of the movie over the mockery, I'm not sure how much of it she actually absorbed. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since watching Clive Owen ride around in armor is movie enough for me. After that, we went over to David's, met his iiiiiiiiiinteresting middle-aged roommate Tim, and watched Anchorman on Tim's very excellent TV while eating watermelon soaked in Malibu, which was also iiiiiiiiinteresting. When we got back to campus, we ran through all the sprinklers on Barksdale, and it was awesome. Also, wet.

Kirstin called me today to inform me that she bought a silver Dodge Avenger. I told her that "The Silver Avenger" is definitely a superhero name. Fight crime with great gas mileage!

I finished reading The Merchant of Venice for the first time today. Not only did it remind me how awesome this movie was, but it has also led me to the conclusion that Portia is actually a professional secret agent. No one just happens to brilliantly cross-dress, have an intimate knowledge of Venetian law, and have an information network that can determine the status of Antonio's boats before he knows. Super spy!

Finally, link spam!

Wall-mounted keyboards? It must be THE FUTURE! Or anyways, what they thought the future would look like, a hundred years back.

Going along with the theme, this sounds like the AWESOMEST IDEA EVER. Except we obviously couldn't dress up like colonials because no one would notice. I really like the idea of setting off a smoke bomb, then staggering out of the ensuing clouds and going "WHAT YEAR IS IT?" It involves small explosions AND messing with people's heads! (Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics Awesomeness suggests after you receive the answer to yell "NO! I've gone too far! I'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!!!" which I also advocate.)

Finally, the music video of "Rapper's Delight" is proof positive that the 70's was a bad, bad time. Also, one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen. (Watch out for the guy jamming in the background around 3:50). Most rappers nowadays wouldn't be caught dead in a turtleneck, but compared to the leisure suits everyone else is wearing, Master Gee is the baddest mofo to hit the streets. We watched this in Worlds of Music, which should demonstrate the awesomeness of that class.
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I just might be the world's slowest packer. Also, Kirstin is the world's most unhelpful sister when it comes to packing, as she 1) failed to do any of my laundry when I was in Cleveland and 2) spent the entire day reading PotC fanfic instead of helping me. Now she is drawing stick figures of fictional people on my list of things to pack, which is still not helpful but is at least amusing.

In repacking my stuff from last year, I discovered unpleasant honors' thesis information to the effect that apparently I was supposed to do a lot of stuff last April. Unless I wasn't, since I was out of the country, and the info packet was very vague on the exact procedures for students studying abroad. However, it is not as vague as the William and Mary website, which has NOTHING AT ALL (or at least nothing that turned up in a search last spring) regarding English Honors' Theses. I would say applying for a thesis is probably more stressful than actually writing one, except that I know my skills at procrastination would laugh at such a statement, assuming they are anthropomorphic.

Anyways, off to finish packing.


May. 17th, 2007 11:59 am
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Also, would anyone like a British kid's copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Too late! Sold it back.

pride, fall

May. 4th, 2007 01:15 pm
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From teh BBC:

"Afterwards, [the Queen] will visit the nearby College of William and Mary before leaving for Kentucky, where she will fulfil a lifelong dream by attending the Kentucky Derby at the Churchill Downs racetrack."

We're second banana to a horse race, guys.
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So, I was lurking around [ profile] shaksper_random when I discovered this marvelous discussion (and its inspiration here). Basically, the Ninja Replacement Scale evaluates how badly a work of literature needs ninjas in order to be vastly improved, on a scale of 0 (no ninjas needed) to ∞ (everyone needs to be replaced by a ninja, STAT). I'm sure you can see the value of such a system. Anyways, in celebration of my LAST DAY OF CLASSES, I have decided to give the NRS (Ninja Replacement Score) of all the books I read this semester.

Firstly, Shakespeare )

Ghosts and Goths )

Nineteenth-Century Women Novelists )

Children's Literature )


May. 2nd, 2007 12:41 am
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I am done writing papers!!!!!

And there was much rejoicing.

Also, I finished reading Dracula! It's actually pretty good, so I would recommend it to the curious. However, I did notice an interesting phenomenon at the end, when our intrepid heroes are preparing to follow the "great Un-Dead" back to his lair:

"I propose that we add Winchesters to our armament. I have a kind of belief in a Winchester when there is any trouble of that sort around" (324)

"I have brought some Winchesters; they are pretty handy in a crowd" (354)

"By this time the gipsies, seeing themselves covered by the Winchesters, and at the mercy of Lord Godalming and Dr Seward, had given in and made no further resistance" (376)

I think we can deduce the REAL reason as to why Dracula was defeated.

In conclusion, I had NO IDEA there was a recent adaptation of Dracula, that won OSCARS, was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and starred Sirius Black, Hannibal Lector, Neo, the Dread Pirate Roberts, and the Scarlet Pimpernel. Oh, and Winona Ryder. I think I might need to see this.
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4:05 AM

Paper Topic: Discuss the way in Julius Caesar language is used as a manipulative tool.

Really tempted to write "Mark Antony is a manipulative tool", because he is. However, this is not exactly helpful.
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1:20 AM. Only half my paper is done. Alas.

Katie and Sabia are having a Queen partay in the other room. Maybe Katie left iTunes in the car for over a fortnight.
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So, these past two weeks kind of sucked out loud. Week one, I had my 19th Century Women Novelists paper due, which even though I started three days before it was due -- THREE -- still had me up til 5:00 AM the night before it was due. However, thank God for time zone differences, because this meant I felt (relatively) unguilty about making Meera read it. And this past week, I had a 1500-2000 word essay due on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which meant that I started writing on Saturday and didn't stop until yesterday morning. Yeah. But now I don't have to worry about writing papers for another 5 weeks! Of course, then I have FOUR due in one week, but I'm choosing to ignore that for now.

In more entertaining school news, yesterday was the Ides of March, and we started reading Julius Caesar. Apparently, it wasn't on purpose. Heh. Also, tomorrow we leave for Oxford!

Kirstin got me a t-shirt that says "Saving people. Hunting things." for my birthday. She wins.

Speaking of Spoon... )

In conclusion, I found this on Maya's Livejournal and had to share:

This book reminded me of a dreadful TV show about Romantic Heroes, in which the opinion was expressed that every woman wanted to marry Heathcliff, Mr Rochester or Mr Darcy.

I took offence, both for myself and for my beloved Mr Darcy. I mean, can you imagine them all in a room together?

TV PRESENTER: Boys, would you like to talk about your interest and hobbies?
ROCHESTER: Well, there’s the compulsive lying. And then there’s the cross-dressing.
HEATHCLIFF: I enjoy long romantic walks on the moors-
TV PRESENTER: Oh, that’s nice!
HEATHCLIFF: And then I round off the day by hanging a puppy.
TV PRESENTER: So, do any of you have a special lady?
ROCHESTER: Well, I may have gotten the syph from my score of mistresses. And I have this illegitimate kid. And I do have a wife, but she’s crazy and in the care of a drunk, so that won’t stick.
HEATHCLIFF: Oh snap, I have a wife too! I beat her.
DARCY: I am as yet unmarried, madam.
TV PRESENTER: Thank God for that… So, uh, what would you consider your greatest, uh, fault?
ROCHESTER: Some narrow-minded fools frown on tricking defenceless girls into bigamy.
HEATHCLIFF: So I practise incestuous necrophilia. Don’t be a hater.
DARCY: Sometimes I’m a little judgemental. And aloof at parties.
TV PRESENTER: *hides behind Mr Darcy*



Mar. 6th, 2007 02:36 pm
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Haiku2 for shadydave
you like to have fun
life's too short to worry
so much you're funny
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for shadydave
mind that i am
just a receptionist odds
are i had a drink
Created by Grahame

Heroes )

I think I accidentally spoiled myself for BSG, and the sad thing is, I don't really care. Oh BSG. Where have your days of awesomeness gone?

I really don't want to continue write my 19th Century Women Novelists Paper. I've reached the word limit already, and I still need to finish talking about Wuthering Heights and START talking about Jane Eyre. And, you know, write an introduction and conclusion. And make it not suck. I hate that I started it 3 DAYS AGO, and I'm STILL not done writing it. It's very frustrating, and I'm starting to panic because I need to finish it and also The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, which, PS, is insane. I'd much rather bounce around in the sunshine with a goofy grin on my face, but alas, that is not an option.
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Why 'Heroes' Wins: )

In other news, I have realized that I need to read both Frankenstein and The Secret Garden for the beginning of next week, and I'm going to be in London this weekend. ::sigh:: I guess this means I'll have to do actual work tomorrow.
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Whee! I finally got all my grades back! And I did awesome! Plus I raised my cumulative GPA a point, too. Yay.

In other news, work continues to be less than fun. The receptionist is out, so I'm stuck on the switchboard, with the added joy of all the holiday mail coming in. On the plus side, there are students around to help me out. I have MINIONS, guys! So when I find difficult to sort mail, I put it back and let them deal with it. Mwahahaha.

Also, an angry German grandmother called to give someone an earful about expelling her grandson. I was kind of amused.

However, by far the most horrifying thing I've seen is the new sign in the bathroom:
If you sprinkle when you tinkle
Please be neat, lift up the seat!


In conclusion: why is LJ so sped in internet explorer (besides the obvious explanation that IE is evil)?


Dec. 21st, 2006 05:37 pm
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So, I've been sitting here, freaking out about finishing my papers for Celtic Narrative, because the only constraints on the due dates are "sometime before the end of finals", but my professor wants hard copies and I leave this afternoon, and I'm going "WOE IS ME, IF ONLY THERE WERE SOME WAY FOR ME TO WORK ON MY PAPER ON THE TRAIN, YET HAVE IT PRINTED OUT IN WILLIAMSBURG," and then I realize, "Wait, if my only problem is handing in hard copies, I can just email them to Meera, who is here until FRIDAY."


To think: I could have thought of this last night, and my three hours of sleep would not have been haunted by dreams of failure and doom.


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