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On the plus side, last weekend I went to NYComic Con with Courtney (I was femme!Eleven, she was the Black Canary: together, we FIGHT CRIME! And go to panels featuring Tamora Pierce), and this afternoon I'm heading down to Homecoming! Hopefully I will not arrive only to discover that William and Mary has shut down and completely vacated the premises, leaving only empty buildings and tourists.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 6: Most Annoying Character )
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Wow, last week was busy. I had three goals: 1) finish two stories to submit to Machine of Death 2; 2) finish Diana's Slytherin scarf for HP 7.2; 3) finish Basara so I could give all 27 volumes back to Courtney. Naturally, I only accomplished one of these things (1). And then, on Thursday when I had a million things to do, I came down with bizarre chest congestion and general blah and have felt like a woeful Dickensian orphan all weekend.

But I did see HP 7.2 on opening night! I was underwhelmed. )

And then I drove up to Boston to see Courtney! On Saturday, we went to the MFA:

ME: ...Does that say "Cthulu"?
COURTNEY: I think it's the Chihuly exhibit.

TURNS OUT WE WERE BOTH RIGHT. Little did we know that for all appearances the world of glass-blowing is merely a cover for the Elder Gods to break through to our universe. I don't really know what else would explain the theme of extra-dimensional tentacles... )

On a similar note, adherents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are now permitted to wear pasta strainers as religious headgear for driver's license photos in Austria.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 3: A genre novel that is underrated.

(Look, they don't say thirty CONSECUTIVE days.)

I can't think of a specific book, but I can think of a specific author: Patricia McKillip. It seems that no one has anything bad to say against her, but she rarely gets brought up in discussions about classic fantasy novels, and I think she's one of the most consistently good authors in the genre. She's awesome at riffing on some of fantasy's most compelling themes -- the power of nature, music, and story-telling -- and using its most familiar tropes in new and interesting ways while never really repeating herself. She also has a beautiful dream-like style of writing AND a knack for creating likable characters. What's not to like?

Here, have some reviews of her stuff:

The Sorceress and the Cygnet/The Bell at Sealey Head

The Cygnet and the Firebird
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Guess where I ate lunch on Saturday?

Old Town Alexandria FTW.

I stayed with the lovely Laura this weekend, who also entertained Meera and me with this hilarious vanity romance novel website, whose free samples basically equal terrible romance Mad Libs. On Sunday, a whole bunch of us headed to NMAI, where we partook of the chocolate lectures/free samples. Note to general public: always eat at Mitsitam, their cafe. It is full of delicious.

Meanwhile, my pile of used post-it notes continued to grow at an alarming rate, so I made more roses. Have some instructions this time!

Who will buy my post-it roses? / Two blooms fooooooor a penny. )

Tune in next week for discarded staple chain mail!

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Ahoy, mateys! I be returned just lately from me voyage to the District of Columbia in the Virginia Colony. 'Twas a great success! On Friday night, meself, Black Laura, and the fearsome lass Hallie did attend a fine soiree at Glen Echo, carousin' and dancin' late into the night. On Saturday, we devised a most cunnin' plot to deceive the Dread Meera, whose natal day it did be. (But first, alas, I acted a right scurvy dog when I did slay Black Laura's computer, a canny machine that did ever have a dislikin' of me.) We fared afar to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with her and Mad Alice, where I tried me hand at archery (under the tutelage of Black Laura, a most wicked and fearsome shot) and we pillaged and looted until we did be swimmin' with booty (and did greatly scoff at the steampunk scallywags, untutored sprogs who did be dressin' from the wrong century). Then we lured the Dread Meera back to her ship with cunnin' and deceit, where Tarred Daniel smartly did arrange a surprise party. We presented her with plundered swag (and squid humpin's!) and spliced the mainbrace to the melodious recitin's of Steve the Pirate. Today, me and Black Laura marauded the high seas, but alas, we were soon parted as I felt the sea callin' me home to Philadelphia port.

Fair winds, me hearties! I'll raise a glass o' grog to ye.
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So, if you are like me and totally fail at following current events, Pakistan is kind of underwater at this point and definitely needs everyone's help. You can text FLOOD to 27722 to donate $10; the Department of State's website has more info.

In much happier news, Elizabeth got married this weekend! Huzzah! Highlights include:

-- seeing Natasha before she flees to Tibet
-- being able to tell people we got kicked out of a club at the bachelorette partay
-- STEAMPUNK ANTLER EARRINGS (thanks, Katherine!)
-- contra dancing with Laura and unexpected Mike!
-- the wedding ceremony quietly being crashed by random Turkish tourists
-- Meera's bf deciding to tell everyone he was an Ultimate Fighter at the reception

Sadly, I was not able to go down to the 'Burg on Sunday and see more people :(

However, I did make it to the last concert of the Folk Fest, which was awesome! Even if I DID miss Vienna Teng on Friday, alas. I particularly liked Malinky, Rockin' Acoustic Circus, and Richard Thompson. I also picked up "Book of Sparrows" by Tracy Grammer, but I don't know if I like it yet -- it's very mellow.

And then I made banana bread yesterday. Mmmm, banana bread.

I like bananas! Bananas are good. )

In conclusion: I apparently missed the Back to School Meeting, which may or may not have been mandatory. Whoops? In my defense, I have received absolutely no information about it, aside from that the retirement plan rep would be appearing in the district at some point and other people were supposed to call him. I guess I am not included in the district's Psychic Information Network :(
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Timeliness is for losers.

Yellowstone National Park

Artist Point )

Brink of the Falls )

Mammoth Hot Springs )

North Entrance )
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I took lots of pictures, mainly.

San Diego

Old Town

adventuring,san diego
I'm gonna pretend I shrank this for the express purpose of posting it before the cut.

More Old Town )

Salt Lake City )

Yellowstone National Park )
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...and then Wyoming! See y'all on the 22nd!
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So, Christmas! I am typing this on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, because the first HAL 9000 decided not to recognize my USB ports or, you know, open the pod-bay doors. So say hello to the HAL 9000 Mk. 2! (Other presents of note include Torchwood Series 2, because apparently my sister was overcome by a fit of madness. So now I can resume chronicling the epic fail legally! Woohoo?)

Christmas has been nice, albeit much more low-key than usual this year. We only had a handful of people at our family Christmas party this year (and by handful, I mean 15), which was also more somber than its wont, and the traditional trek down to SC on my dad's side of the family is also unusually sparse, since my parents decided to go to Cleveland to see my brother, and my aunt and cousin are mysterious MIA.

Of course, this might have been the wiser move (well, not going to Cleveland, that's never a wise move) because they are doing beach reconstruction in Myrtle Beach RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FRIGGIN' HOTEL. Seriously, who was all "Yes, let's have oil rig-type monstrosities floating offshore, backhoes running through the night, and giant pipes spewing wet sand all over the place right in the middle of the holiday season, when travel is already down because the economy is crap!"? And we've had a couple really nice days, too, which are harder to enjoy when the entrances to the beach are blocked off with yellow tape and you have to walk around an enormous pile of suspicious sand covered in seagulls and the aforementioned giant pipe. I mean, I went around them anyway, but it's the principle of the thing.

However, I did get to see the ever-awesome Natasha, and we ate delicious Thai food (eventually) and watched Robin Hood and SPooN and this amazingly bad movie called The Lady and the Highwayman, starring wee!Hugh Grant as the titular highwayman who is basically a one-man secret service for Charles II, and the true love of his cousin who he met once for about five minutes. At least, I think that's the plot, because it was kind of hard to tell. As Crow T. Robot once famously said, "You know, it's much more economical for this movie not to have a plot. That was you can just film people saying things!" However, there was quite a lot of curly hair, costumes jacked from Richard Lester's Three/Four Musketeers, and Hugh Grant's inability to remain awake for his lines. Maybe the fearsome weight of his curly bouffant mullet lulled him to sleep, I don't know.

In other exciting news, I have pretty much finished editing my Nano story! I will post it as soon as min sweoster ever gets around to giving me constructive criticism. Or until I get annoyed with waiting for her, whichever comes first. So soon!

And finally, I shall be in DC for New Year's! Assuming our trip up 95 is not as failtastic as our trip down, anyway. In conclusion: huzzah!
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Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with delicious food and not slaughtering their family!

In the less than 24 hours, I will be flying out to MONTANA to visit the ever-awesome Katherine with Meera for 6 whole days! I have my cell phone, but be aware that if you ring me up, your call will roam like the mighty bison.

Finally, as November draws to a close, so does NaNoWriMo (and I just realized the I will computer-less for the next week, so I should probably start typing stuff up, like, yesterday). Anyways, I signed up, but given that writing at my normal speed (i.e. deathly slow) would have required scribbling frantically for 6 hours every day for the entire month, I somewhat suspect that I didn't actually make the word count.

So, fun time!


A) 40,000 - 49,999 words (Dave hardly failed at all!)
B) 30,000 - 39,999 words (A respectable showing!)
C) 20,000 - 29,999 words (Hey, National Novella Writing Month still can be abbreviated NaNoWriMo)
D) 10,000 - 19,999 words (National Short Story Month, not so much)
E) 1 - 9,999 words (Dave wins at National What the Hell Was That, a Sneeze? Month!)

To give you a hint, I handwrote 25-ish pages front and back (although some of them were on the back of old Google maps directions) and I have several single-spaced pages typed up. Aaaaaaaaaand go!
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I have returned from the folk fest! Lots of awesome bands this year, including fellow West Chestrians Hoots and Hellmouth, Judy Collins and Janis Ian from the old folk vanguard, Great Big Sea, and of course Tempest, who have further choreographed their signature "stand in a line and take one step to the left" move to "stand in a line, take one step to the left, spin around, shake butt, face audience and resume wandering around stage". Also, the double-necked electric mandolin will never stop being amusing. Rock on, dudes. Got a bunch of new CDs too, including Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar's last release, which so far seems very mellow.

I may have also saved my cousin from the grip of bad literature, since after she mentioned that she liked the Twilight series a lot, I gave her my copy of Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which is far superior and contains 100% less sparkle and 100% more cinnamon buns. So everyone else should read it too, in case you feel the need to indulge in vicarious vampirism but aren't, you know, TOTALLY LAME.

Walking around on steep hills all weekend did nothing for my ankles, and my right one started hurting AGAIN. Alas. Also, my family has abandoned me to take Kurt to Cleveland while I must toil and drudge at work, although admittedly the alternative would be to also go to Cleveland, and I'm sure you can see the flaw in that plan. However, the fact remains that we don't really have any food in the house. Curses.

Because I clearly have not had enough unintentional entertainment in my life (or EPIC FAIL as the case may be), I started watching the BBC's Robin Hood solely on the premise that it looked amusing in its badness. It turns out that I was entirely correct, and Robin Hood is in fact hilarious, sometimes on purpose. It's pretty much The Mummy of television, to the point where I would not actually be surprised if an evil undead mummy turned up and started terrorizing Sherwood.


In conclusion: Robin Hood wears a hoodie.
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Sorry if you were waiting with bated breath for some more EPIC FAIL. The internet decided to get into the spirit of the thing and thus the screencaps site was down, followed soon after by our router.

Normally it would be of tragical sadness that I don't have internet at home, but as we're leaving for the Folk Fest WHOOOO this afternoon that won't actually be a problem. However, tragical sadness does apply to last Friday, where I had to leave work early on account of being violently ill, and then fell down Po's driveway and killed my ankles just so I could see Natasha. Of course I spent all of Saturday carefully recuperating, if the new definition of "recuperating" includes "walking around all day at the Ren Faire". My left one still hurts, but fortunately I will be able to recuperate by walking around the Folk Fest instead. WOE.

On the plus side, Tempest is playing! I think everyone could use more Celtic hair bands in their lives.

To counteract the literary leprosy from reading four chapters of Twilight (apparently the sparkly vampires drive a Volvo; remind me again how people take these books seriously?) I read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by the lesser Brontë, Anne. Marge and Mal made fun of me, but that is because they are uncivilized heathens.

In which no one bangs their head against a tree or locks their crazy wife in the attic. )

In conclusion: Anne Brontë wins.

Finally, I have an important announcement to make: I HAVE A DESK. AT WORK. WITH A COMPUTER! Oh, the luxury. It's almost like I'm a real employee!

I should probably go eat my lunch now.
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So, we had exciting adventures of FAIL last night.

First we went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, although we lost Mallory to unknown and possibly sinister events happening to Trevor's car. We got to see the new Harry Potter trailer, which was awesome, especially when Laura and I cracked up at the exact same part, which you can now behold in its full glory because Laura wins at life!

Spoilers will come on swift wings to whosoever clicks on this link )

Anyways, after the movie, we went to the B&N in Main Street to hang out since it was the only place open after 9. Except that apparently, Stephanie Meyer's new Twilight book came out, and there was a release party. The smart thing would have been to call it a loss, but since we willing went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor clearly this solution was not for us, so we hung out with the preteens and housewives and made bloodless origami (?) and charm bracelets and read books that were definitely not Twilight. We did, however, get to stay there extra long, since the store was open past midnight.

In conclusion: We are made of win, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is made of FAIL, and I am highly dubious of a book series whose primary audience is teenage girls and their mothers.
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Wow, the auto draft saving thing on LJ is HARDCORE. Check out my aborted entry from a couple weeks ago!

Timely updates are for LOSERS )

I've read almost a third of these! I feel special.

This weekend was Family Weekend, so I got to see Mom and Dad and Kirstin. Also, Kurt called me at 2:30 in the morning because he was homesick. Unfortunately, I was asleep, but hopefully my confused mumblings provided some comfort.

Also, I have sesamoiditis. Apparently the treatment is taking lots of ibuprofen, icing my foot, and using a metatarsal pad. I have so far achieved exactly two of these things!

Today's Update

In other news, I have been very busy. (I almost wrote 'busty', which is also technically true.) The weekend before last was fall break, so we went to Myrtle Beach and stayed in Natasha's condo. I did a lot of reading for fun and accomplished no work, but I regret NOTHING! Except a certain lack of sleep.

I took the GREs on Saturday and totally bombed the Qualitative section. It turns out it's hard to do high school math if you haven't actually done any math since high school. Also, I was led astray by my (technically the B&N's) practice book, which had deceptively easy math. So I am probably in the 4th percentile, because math already has ridiculously high percentiles. When combined with my insanely high Verbal score, I appear to be some kind of idiot savant.

Seriously, I did better on the math section on the SAT in 7TH GRADE. I hadn't even LEARNED math at that point.

My parents have failed at buying metatarsal pads for my foot and also transferring money to my bank account, which makes me sad. Also, my foot hurts and I have $5.74 to my name. I'm not actually kidding.

I am going home this weekend! Kirstin is being forced to go to Villa's All-Class Reunion, and is in turn forcing me to go too. Naturally, it is homecoming weekend and everyone is beginning to list all the fun things they will be doing without me. However, it will be nice to go home, especially since I need to do laundry.

In conclusion: This is the most fun and socially conscious vocab quiz ever.
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My sister just called me, completely enraged, to tell me I am the world's biggest bum because I am going to a party instead of the premiere of Stardust. My family is too cool for school.

Anyways, Disney World was fun! It was really hot though, and one day it rained so hard we just gave up on being dry and spent the entire time completely soaked (this was the one time I was glad that it was hot). Also, an inordinate time of our television watching was devoted to Hannah Montana, because Kurt has a PROBLEM. He also lost his Blackberry. I, however, found a fastpass for Expedition Everest and went on the rollercoaster again while he and Kirstin reported it to the staff. It's probably karma. Also, I am now the proud owner of a piratical Mickey Mouse ears.

1. Rockin' Rollercoaster (or possibly the Rock and Rollercoaster)
2. Splash and
3. Space Mountains
4. Dinosaur
5. Expedition Everest

4/5 of these are rollercoasters, which should tell you something about my thrillseeking profile.

1. The Great Movie Ride -- seriously, this ride sucks out loud, and we had an über-fake perky tour guide, which made it even worse.

Speaking of lame, I now am, in the traditional sense. I think I've like, stress fractured the ball of my right foot or something from walking around so much. It's getting slightly better, but if it hasn't improved by Monday I'm going to get it looked at. Also, it is annoying because it hurts to drive. Unexpected Bonus: Kurt has had to drive us in to school, and since the Crown Vic has no gas, we've had to use the Loser Cruiser, which Kurt detests. Hehehehe.

I got paid today! I got a raise in July, and have calculated that, working 8-hour days, I would make $6.66/hr. Awesome.

Finally, I had a dream the other night where I explained to my sister the relationship between the Quest del saint graal and La Morte D'Arthur. I can now officially say I can explain Arthuriana in my sleep (I can recite the Latin first declension endings while somnolent, as well). This is what happens when you work hard, people.

And then I had a dream where Natasha and I were taking another Religious Studies class together, but we kept getting interrupted by dragons.

IN CONCLUSION: 1) Disney totally lies when they say Disney World is the place where dreams come true, because I still can't fly; 2) Given the rest of my dreams, this may be a good thing.
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I guess I should mention that I'm going to Disney World tomorrow?

I'm not packed yet, of course. Although I might have figured out which books I'm taking.

Back next Tuesday!
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In her new kick-ass zombie movie!
'What will your Headline be?' at QuizGalaxy.com

And now I am off to the train station! Maybe my luggage will magically become 20 pounds lighter on the way?
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Back from an awesome week in Wales with the Katherine! We saw lots of castles and I met her friend Satya (who is AWESOME) and we went out and partied for her 21st birthday! Clearly, I am using my Monroe Scholar's money for very academic purposes. Yep.

Tomorrow I catch a train to London and fly home. Farewell, England. I shall miss thee. Although you could have said goodbye without dropping the temperature 20 degrees and raining copiously. I have to return to a Pennsylvanian summer, thank you very much. Forget culture shock, the weather alone will do me in.

In other news, instant six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Dear YMCA Bath:

Free WiFi is for the win.

Dear Japanese Tourist Boys:

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Well, ASE is over. Surprisingly enough, all my belongings still fit into one suitcase, one duffel, and one backpack, currently stored at the YMCA which actually has a pretty decent hostel. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Katie and her mom, watching the FA cup at a pub (and PS: Man U's passing game SUCKS OUT LOUD. They totally deserved to lose after that performance), but the rest of the time I've spent wandering around. Currently, I'm in Cafe Nero, paying an arm and a leg for internet, but at least I get it until tomorrow. This would be much more pleasant if I didn't feel so ill. Stupid cramps.
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So this weekend (Friday/Saturday), ASE had pretty much the awesome trip ever. For a given value of awesome, anyway. But I was vastly entertained the whole time, which is what really matters.

Anyways, on Friday, we go to Dartmoor, which, as you might have guessed from the name, is a moor. A really big one. As I learned on my power-walk through the moors by Haworth (Brontë territory), going through them can be quite a hike. It wasn't too bad until we get to the top of one hill, and Andy, one of our staff (an assistant dean of something), makes us all turn around, because we were going the wrong way. And then we walk down a hill.

A really, really, steep hill.

Seriously, really steep.

And it was really big, too.

By this point, we are definitely by someone's sheep farm, and have begun to tramp through what can only be described as the dumping grounds for sheep and pony manure. I don't know if they've been trained to go there or what, but it was kinda gross. We finally demand an explanation for Andy, who claims that someone moved the signs, and that we just need to go over another hill and down to the village, and that incidentally, we've added an extra 1.5 miles to our hike.

Then we proceeded to walk UP a hill.

A really, really, steep hill.

This basically sucked beyond all reason. Like, I was literally afraid my muscles would STOP WORKING, because it was so difficult going up.

Eventually, we got to the top of that hill, where they informed us that the village was only two miles away. Since there were so many of us, by the time we all reached the top, the group who got there first was all rarin' to go, so the tail-enders rebelled and waited for Andy, who had somehow manage to get at the VERY back.

We got to the village eventually (after our 6 mile hike, or so), and went to Exeter, which is where our hostel was. We had the entire place to ourselves, which was pretty awesome. After dinner, Jonathan (another assistant dean of something) offered to lead us to the pub he liked when he was in uni, and which was "15 minutes" away. So, we walk, and we come to this path which stretches through some pasture-looking lands. I would like to point out that by this time, dusk was almost gone, and it was foggy.

Naturally, Jonathan decides we should go through the pastures.

So, we walk for quite some time, and periodically Jonathan would leave the path, wander over to the fence, and look at a tree, or possibly for some signs of civilization. Meanwhile, we are making lots of cracks about the movie The Fog, about which I am completely unfamiliar, aside from the line from MST 3K: Pod People: "Even the movie The Fog didn't have this much fog!" Also, Claire (another staff member) told us about this bizarre commercial where cows start stalking people because they want their milk back. This will be important later.

FINALLY, we see lights, and they eventually reveal themselves to be the pub.

On the other side of a fence.

A fence that is on the top of a 5-foot drop off, of which we are at the bottom.

So, we continue onwards, because I noticed there was a road up ahead which we would probably run into. We're almost there, when we see some cows next to the path.

Then we see a HERD of cows ON the path.

At this point, we are now faced with a dilemma: do we turn back, and retrace our journey of the previous 20 minutes, or kind of wade through the cows and hope we don't get trampled?

Naturally, Jonathan picked option B, proving the extraordinary lengths the British will go to to get beer. The cows began fleeing from us, probably because we ourselves were in a herd, and also because our herd apparently contained complete DUMBASSES who thought it would be a good idea to take FLASH PICTURES of a FUCKING HERD OF COWS WHILE WE WERE WALKING THROUGH IT. Unfortunately, they were not trampled. However, no one else was either, (and they didn't ambush us to take their milk back,) and we finally got to the pub.

It had a lot of outdoor seating next to the canal, which did not have a railing, so we wondered how many drunk people they had to fish out. They definitely had a life-saver right by our table, and I supposed they had those big poles people use to clean their swimming pools. No one fell in, though, so we never got a chance to test it out, which was for the best, I suppose.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. I like scrumpy. It was a lot easier getting home along the proper path, which was remarkably free of farm animals of any sort.

Today (well, technically yesterday now) we went to Covelly, which is this historic visit on ANOTHER fucking steep slope that goes down to the see. Like, so steep that they don't have motor vehicles, so everything is pulled on sledges, occasionally with the help of donkeys. Apparently, the people of Great Britain have not mastered the art of switchbacks. The beach was very rocky and cool. They had delicious ice cream. I took lots of pictures that I will eventually share, probably in July at the rate I am going.

Then we went to Knightshayes, which is a 19th century Gothic house. This was notable mainly for its gardens, where we played with Jonathan's frisbee in what started out as a Prior Park catch, but eventually evolved into throwing the frisbee at four of the guys, and watching them fight like puppies to get it. It was pretty much the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. An added bonus was that I kept waiting for them to all disappear over the edge of the haha, but it turns out Jonathan is actually an Ultimate Frisbee champion (for serious!) and never threw it that far, alas.

We got home and I watched Doctor Who on TV! Huzzah! Our 4 channels actually can be entertaining! Babble about Doctor Who )

In conclusion: Captain Panaka was in this episode! Awesome.

Then I watched SPooN. 'But how can they hear the chanting in hell?' )

In conclusion: Dean eating things will never stop being funny. Especially when they are mini cheese steaks.

In other news, I did my reading for the week today, and thus read Carmilla. I assumed, when my professor said it was about "lesbian vampires", that this was mainly symbolic, since, you know, Victorians.

Not so much. It's BLATANTLY about lesbian vampires. It was pretty awesome. Also, I got to write "Most vampire lore is crap" in the margins, AND there was a character who was totally John Winchester. And I am convinced the heroine became a vampire slayer afterwards. Carmilla pretty much wins at Undeath.

Now I must go to bed, but the internet has gone away, so I will probably post this in the morning. And then I will disappear into a paper-writing oblivion, because I still have 2 more to go for this week, alas.


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