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So I don't think there is any better feeling than wondering when a new Terry Pratchett book will appear, and then realizing it's ALREADY OUT. It's like Hogswatch Christmas come early!

You'll be all right as long as you have your potato. )
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Terry Pratchett Creates a Sword with Meteorites

This just in: Pterry has officially won at everything forever.
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I leave for vacation in... five minutes!

A Murderous Procession, by Ariana Franklin )

Thief of Time, by Terry Pratchett )

Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons )
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Carpe Jugulum, by Terry Pratchett )

The Demon's Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan )

Gwenhwyfar: the White Spirit, by Mercedes Lackey )
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The Terry Pratchett Prize

So, it's not too late for me to move to England and learn how to write faster, is it?

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Part 1 of 2. I read a lot of books in May. And then had a lot to say, apparently!

The Talisman Ring, by Georgette Heyer )

Jenna Starborn, by Sharon Shinn )

The Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett )

False Colours, by Georgette Heyer )
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Well, at least I got this posted in the right month.

The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien )

The Corinthian, by Georgette Heyer )

The Black Swan/Firebird, by Mercedes Lackey )

The Book of Heroes, by Miyuki Miyabe )

Interesting Times, by Terry Pratchett )
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While adventuring with my friends/going to Feeney's bridal shower, I have seen the following things:

- line-dancing to Lady Gaga
- leopard-print stairs

I believe my life is complete now.

So, what's better than Avatar: the Last Airbender and Discworld? Avatar and Discworld together! This is what happens when you sit in airports for too long.

Five Noble Families )

Gently Push Over the Forces of Repression! )

The Silver Horde )



Oct. 7th, 2008 07:06 pm
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Dear Terry Pratchett,

You win at everything forever.


In conclusion: Terry Pratchett should be in charge of history, because it's way more awesome that way.
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anyways, i just finished thud! which, as you may or may not know, is the newest book by terry pratchett. i would like to go on record as saying that it is more entertaining, moving, and relevant than the da vinci code, which it parodies, could ever hope to be. everyone should go read the entire discworld series, right now, so you can read this book too.

plus, it has the lines "Where's my cow? Is that my cow? It goes HRUUUGH! It is a hippopotamus! That is not my cow!"

case in point.

ETA: hee! )


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