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1) Six shots of novocaine, whyyyyyyyyyyyy

2) This, on the other hand, is 100% pure win. The Henriad! With Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal, Jeremy Irons as Henry IV, and cast members from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Robin Hood, and every BBC production ever! HENRY IV, PART 1 WILL NO LONGER BE LIMITED TO THE CHEAP-ASS BBC COMPLETE WORKS VERSION OR THE CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT, AVAILABLE ONLY IN BRAZIL!

omg excite
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1) Disney Adapting Mort

Given that a) Mort was never my favorite Discworld book so I don't care if they change it, b) any standard Disney plot + Death = INSTANT HILARITY, c) they DID manage to make The Emperor's New Groove, clearly SOMEONE understands how bizarre and parodic humor works, and d) at least it will LOOK awesome, I AM SUPER EXCITED.

2) Star Wars: The Saga Continues... As an Actual Icelandic Saga

Star Wars! Old Norse! What more do you need.

3) Speaking of Star Wars: Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters!

4) Hipster Hitler

aka Godwin's Law: the Webcomic

"Goebbels, you deutschbag, this is Arial! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

(My favorite are his t-shirts.)


6) Now you, too, can be part of the culture of death!

"Machine of Death is an upcoming published anthology of short stories edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !, inspired by this episode of Ryan’s Dinosaur Comics." Also featuring internet superstars like Randall Munroe and Kate Beaton and much, much more!

You can buy it on Amazon, or download it as a free e-book or podcast! More info here.
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Terry Pratchett Creates a Sword with Meteorites

This just in: Pterry has officially won at everything forever.
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So, if you are like me and totally fail at following current events, Pakistan is kind of underwater at this point and definitely needs everyone's help. You can text FLOOD to 27722 to donate $10; the Department of State's website has more info.

In much happier news, Elizabeth got married this weekend! Huzzah! Highlights include:

-- seeing Natasha before she flees to Tibet
-- being able to tell people we got kicked out of a club at the bachelorette partay
-- STEAMPUNK ANTLER EARRINGS (thanks, Katherine!)
-- contra dancing with Laura and unexpected Mike!
-- the wedding ceremony quietly being crashed by random Turkish tourists
-- Meera's bf deciding to tell everyone he was an Ultimate Fighter at the reception

Sadly, I was not able to go down to the 'Burg on Sunday and see more people :(

However, I did make it to the last concert of the Folk Fest, which was awesome! Even if I DID miss Vienna Teng on Friday, alas. I particularly liked Malinky, Rockin' Acoustic Circus, and Richard Thompson. I also picked up "Book of Sparrows" by Tracy Grammer, but I don't know if I like it yet -- it's very mellow.

And then I made banana bread yesterday. Mmmm, banana bread.

I like bananas! Bananas are good. )

In conclusion: I apparently missed the Back to School Meeting, which may or may not have been mandatory. Whoops? In my defense, I have received absolutely no information about it, aside from that the retirement plan rep would be appearing in the district at some point and other people were supposed to call him. I guess I am not included in the district's Psychic Information Network :(
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...that's just me.

More stuff on Avatar: The Legend of Korra. OMG I THINK SHE FIGHTS CRIME YOU GUYS.

"We were drawing inspiration from Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s and Hong Kong and even Western cities like Manhattan and even location-wise cities like Vancouver..."

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New Avatar series!!!!!

Set in the future! Probably with a waterbending girl Avatar! By the same people!

Normally I'd be concerned that this wouldn't live up to the original, but let's face it: I even liked "The Great Divide". The same production team could write an entire series about Avatar Korra and her battle against pocket lint, and I would probably love it. The original series is its own, awesome entity, and all the subsequent fail in the world ::cough:: cannot make it less awesome; ergo, a chance to repeat the awesome with MOAR = SUPER EXCITEDNESS.

:D :D :D
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Is there anything cooler than the Voynich Manuscript? I don't think so. It's a fifteenth- or sixteenth-century MS, author unknown, written in an unidentifiable language or code, with an unidentifiable alphabet. It seems to be addressing common medieval topics, like herbology and alchemy and astrology, except no one can recognize any of the plants, it doesn't use the universal alchemical symbols, and the star charts are mostly indecipherable.

The easiest solution would be to dismiss it as a hoax, except if so it's WAY more elaborate than all the other hoaxes of the time. Also, statistical analysis of characters/words show similar patterns to natural languages, way more than you'd find if it was made-up nonsense. If it's a code, it's been unbreakable for the past one hundred years.

XKCD has a theory, of course, but looking at the script...

That's not a translation, just the transcription used to put it in the Latin alphabet.

...I think the most likely explanation is that Tolkien found a time machine and decided to dick with all of us.


Jun. 10th, 2010 06:14 pm
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Hahaha, WHAT.

SPooN: the Anime!

"The anime project will not only remake the best episodes from the live-action version, but also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version."

So I'm guessing we're NOT going to get an anime "Bugs" or "Route 666".

::crosses fingers for more superpowers::


Apr. 17th, 2010 04:18 pm
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Thank you, XKCD.
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"It is clear to the Nut that magicism has been spreading in Upper Derby. It is quite a common occurrence to see graffiti against witches in the stalls of the girl's bathroom, and it has become even more common to throw garlic at the vampire children in the Kindergarten Center. This incident occurred so frequently to one vampire child, that her parents, Edward and Bella Cullen, withdrew their daughter from school. Bella Cullen said to the Nut, "This is ridiculous, honestly! She's not even a vampire! She's a hybrid between a vampire and a human! Seriously, everyone is just really jealous of my beautiful baby and her super-long name!" Edward Cullen followed this statement with, "Help me! Please, get me away from that woman!"

-- "Magic Must Defeat Magicism", The Nut, April 1, 2010
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Got side-swiped by an O'Hara kid on Tuesday, who apparently didn't notice I was in the lane he was trying to occupy. (How you could miss the Loser Cruiser, I don't know. It's not exactly a ninja car, people!) Fortunately, there's only about a six-inch scratch and a couple dings, and the kid's parents are paying for it.

(Weirdly enough, the estimate put it at about $1000 worth of damage. It only cost $1100 to fix that door after I lost a fight with that garage in Toronto, and it was in WAAAAAAAAAAY worse condition then. I dunno.)

However, I did see THE COOLEST PERSON ON THE ROAD today. Her bumper stickers consisted of:
- the Autobot symbol
- "Sylar is my boyfriend -- he loves me for my brain."

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I finally have a snow day!

Later, there might be snowshoes!



Snowshoes busted, alas. But now I have TWO snow days! \o/
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These pictures are coooooooooooooooool.

From Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle, aka awesome photos from the Hubble (NYT).

Top Ten Space Pictures: the Best of 2009, aka "Well, OF space and FROM space are basically the same, right? I mean, they all look pretty sweet." (Nat Geo)

As thanks to Laura for that second link, I made her a picture:

Warning: contains bad photoshop )

And then she sent me video WIN!

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Discovered by [ profile] naturalblue208: the best Pride and Produce Prejudice sketch EVAR!

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"Don Quixote had reached this point in his song, to which the duke and the duchess, Altisidora, and almost all the people in the castle were listening, when suddenly, from a gallery that was directly above Don Quixote's jalousied window, a cord was lowered with more than a hundred cowbells attached to it..." (755)
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"It was an oversight not to have bought a small cowbell to tie next to me on this rope, for its sound would let you know that I was still descending and still alive; but since that is no longer possible, may the hand of God guide me" (602).



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