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Today is Administrative Professionals Day, so I got a free lunch and a very nice purse! So for all you Administrative Amateurs out there, HA.
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Today was my last day of work! Huzzah! I finally got around to burning myself some cds to listen to, so I had awesome music, and exams started, so things weren't too busy (aside from a bunch of parents who were wondering why their kids were home from school...) and dad didn't yell at me when I was crocheting! About the only thing that sucked was the MOTHER OF ALL PAPERCUTS I received FROM MY OWN STUFF. BETRAYAL!

Anyways, in honor of my work ethic (which according to my dad's secretary is in doubt because I got to work 5 minutes late the other day) I present to you Dave's Rules of Telephone Etiquette: Calling the Switchboard )

I got my train ticket today! I shall be visiting WM from Monday around 11:00 AM to sometimes Thursday. Yay!

Pan's Labyrinth might be the most depressing thing I have ever seen. Lest I lead you astray, it is quite good. However, it is perhaps best described as a cross between Labyrinth and Schindler's List. Compared to this movie, the opening episodes of BSG were a light-hearted farcical comedy of manners starring Fat Lee as the dashing Romantic hero and Season 2 of SPooN was Dean contemplating his life choices for a brief moment, then quietly finishing his crossword puzzle. My only gripe (besides about my ensuing depression, of course) is that it really shouldn't be called Pan's Labyrinth. There is no Pan. There is a faun, which is why it is called "The Labyrinth of the Faun" (possibly) in Spanish. I refuse to believe that Pan is more widely recognized than a faun. Dumbass translators.

This was perhaps not one of Mallory's most uplifting ideas.

Pan's Labyrinth: Incredibly written, incredibly acted, incredibly shot, incredibly depressing.

I'm going to visit Marge tomorrow! Yay!

I was going to write about SPooN, a lot, but now I am tired. Also, very behind on crocheting.
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Zombie dinosaurs are yet another thing I would like to appear on SPooN. However, given the fact that they apparently didn't have a big enough budget to show a human zombie army larger than nine, I suspect this will happen approximately never.

Actually, dinosaurs of any type would be awesome.

In other news, I have determined that should the school turn into a pirate ship (รก la "The Crimson Permanent Assurance"), or encounter any other type of situation requiring makeshift weaponry, the blade from the paper slicer would make a totally badass saber. It's already got a handle and everything.

Quote o' the Day

According to a carefully handwritten and photocopied public service announcement found in my dad's mailbox today...

"Groups of young adults and older adults were instructed in PSU educational and athletic facilities to be occult theatrical performers, to use illegal psychotronic sensing technology, to perform magic, and to teach mind control, witchcraft and the occult sciences."

Why doesn't WM offer courses in the occult sciences? Seriously.

This might be the best letter ever. It's even got a ridiculous number of words underlined for emphasis. Crazy people are funny.
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Whee! I finally got all my grades back! And I did awesome! Plus I raised my cumulative GPA a point, too. Yay.

In other news, work continues to be less than fun. The receptionist is out, so I'm stuck on the switchboard, with the added joy of all the holiday mail coming in. On the plus side, there are students around to help me out. I have MINIONS, guys! So when I find difficult to sort mail, I put it back and let them deal with it. Mwahahaha.

Also, an angry German grandmother called to give someone an earful about expelling her grandson. I was kind of amused.

However, by far the most horrifying thing I've seen is the new sign in the bathroom:
If you sprinkle when you tinkle
Please be neat, lift up the seat!


In conclusion: why is LJ so sped in internet explorer (besides the obvious explanation that IE is evil)?
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Guess what I'm doing!

If you said "Watching Doctor Who at work", you would be totally correct! I may have to spend three hours sorting mail, but sometimes work is awesome.

Quote o' the Day:

"Fortunately, I saved my alternate universe manual from college and--"

"You went to college?"

"Well, actually it was more of a Vo-Tech, but still..."

-MST 3K, "The Last of the Wild Horses". I don't know why I find this funny. It's probably because I give people the number for UD's vo-tech all the time. Also, I wish I had an alternate universe manual.

I am proud to announce that my icon is inaccurate! I actually haven't read Tolkien in over 5 minutes.
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There is either a cheerleading camp or aerobics class clapping their hands and playing annoting pop music IN THE HALLWAY.


Also, there is no one around to give me work, so I am just goofing off on the computer. Sweet!
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So, on a scale of 1-10, exactly how hard is it to spell your own freakin' name on a scantron test? I'm thinking around -4. Now, I can understand one or two letters going astray if you're in a hurry, but your ENTIRE NAME? OMGWTFUDHS.

In other work news, the Sophomore Center has one of those inspirational posters on the wall (you know, the kind makes fun of) and it definitely says "Determination: There is no trying, only doing and not doing". Quoting Yoda in any media is always hilarious, but I think this one might win. So that got me thinking that other inspirational posters with Star Wars quotes would probably win at awesome (e.g. Forgiveness: Apology Accepted, Captain Needa). I should make some. I'll take suggestions!

Finally, the Village People once again boldly explore the complexities of human passion,while wearing leather pants.
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So, today was pretty normal. Someone threatened to blow up the school, and meanwhile in Spain at home, the washing machine hose exploded.


Quote o' the Day:
"Tiny unicorns goring his bronchial tubes would be cooler."

I wish I had cool pneumonia. Also, that reminds me: It's Charlie the Unicorn!
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Hey, today's date is 6/06/06*! How evil and Satany.

At work. Doing transcripts. It is SO FUN, except for the part where it's not. However, I do get to play with stamps and the school seal, which as far as I can figure out involves some kind of lemon and maybe a carton of milk. Perhaps they are making tea.

Ate some chocolate covered coffee beans. Wheeeeeee.

Lunch time!

* except for the part where it's totally not. this is even more amusing, since under its malign influence i've been writing the date like this all day. oops.


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