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On the plus side, last weekend I went to NYComic Con with Courtney (I was femme!Eleven, she was the Black Canary: together, we FIGHT CRIME! And go to panels featuring Tamora Pierce), and this afternoon I'm heading down to Homecoming! Hopefully I will not arrive only to discover that William and Mary has shut down and completely vacated the premises, leaving only empty buildings and tourists.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 6: Most Annoying Character )
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Wow, last week was busy. I had three goals: 1) finish two stories to submit to Machine of Death 2; 2) finish Diana's Slytherin scarf for HP 7.2; 3) finish Basara so I could give all 27 volumes back to Courtney. Naturally, I only accomplished one of these things (1). And then, on Thursday when I had a million things to do, I came down with bizarre chest congestion and general blah and have felt like a woeful Dickensian orphan all weekend.

But I did see HP 7.2 on opening night! I was underwhelmed. )

And then I drove up to Boston to see Courtney! On Saturday, we went to the MFA:

ME: ...Does that say "Cthulu"?
COURTNEY: I think it's the Chihuly exhibit.

TURNS OUT WE WERE BOTH RIGHT. Little did we know that for all appearances the world of glass-blowing is merely a cover for the Elder Gods to break through to our universe. I don't really know what else would explain the theme of extra-dimensional tentacles... )

On a similar note, adherents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are now permitted to wear pasta strainers as religious headgear for driver's license photos in Austria.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 3: A genre novel that is underrated.

(Look, they don't say thirty CONSECUTIVE days.)

I can't think of a specific book, but I can think of a specific author: Patricia McKillip. It seems that no one has anything bad to say against her, but she rarely gets brought up in discussions about classic fantasy novels, and I think she's one of the most consistently good authors in the genre. She's awesome at riffing on some of fantasy's most compelling themes -- the power of nature, music, and story-telling -- and using its most familiar tropes in new and interesting ways while never really repeating herself. She also has a beautiful dream-like style of writing AND a knack for creating likable characters. What's not to like?

Here, have some reviews of her stuff:

The Sorceress and the Cygnet/The Bell at Sealey Head

The Cygnet and the Firebird
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Guess where I ate lunch on Saturday?

Old Town Alexandria FTW.

I stayed with the lovely Laura this weekend, who also entertained Meera and me with this hilarious vanity romance novel website, whose free samples basically equal terrible romance Mad Libs. On Sunday, a whole bunch of us headed to NMAI, where we partook of the chocolate lectures/free samples. Note to general public: always eat at Mitsitam, their cafe. It is full of delicious.

Meanwhile, my pile of used post-it notes continued to grow at an alarming rate, so I made more roses. Have some instructions this time!

Who will buy my post-it roses? / Two blooms fooooooor a penny. )

Tune in next week for discarded staple chain mail!

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Ahoy, mateys! I be returned just lately from me voyage to the District of Columbia in the Virginia Colony. 'Twas a great success! On Friday night, meself, Black Laura, and the fearsome lass Hallie did attend a fine soiree at Glen Echo, carousin' and dancin' late into the night. On Saturday, we devised a most cunnin' plot to deceive the Dread Meera, whose natal day it did be. (But first, alas, I acted a right scurvy dog when I did slay Black Laura's computer, a canny machine that did ever have a dislikin' of me.) We fared afar to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with her and Mad Alice, where I tried me hand at archery (under the tutelage of Black Laura, a most wicked and fearsome shot) and we pillaged and looted until we did be swimmin' with booty (and did greatly scoff at the steampunk scallywags, untutored sprogs who did be dressin' from the wrong century). Then we lured the Dread Meera back to her ship with cunnin' and deceit, where Tarred Daniel smartly did arrange a surprise party. We presented her with plundered swag (and squid humpin's!) and spliced the mainbrace to the melodious recitin's of Steve the Pirate. Today, me and Black Laura marauded the high seas, but alas, we were soon parted as I felt the sea callin' me home to Philadelphia port.

Fair winds, me hearties! I'll raise a glass o' grog to ye.
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So, if you are like me and totally fail at following current events, Pakistan is kind of underwater at this point and definitely needs everyone's help. You can text FLOOD to 27722 to donate $10; the Department of State's website has more info.

In much happier news, Elizabeth got married this weekend! Huzzah! Highlights include:

-- seeing Natasha before she flees to Tibet
-- being able to tell people we got kicked out of a club at the bachelorette partay
-- STEAMPUNK ANTLER EARRINGS (thanks, Katherine!)
-- contra dancing with Laura and unexpected Mike!
-- the wedding ceremony quietly being crashed by random Turkish tourists
-- Meera's bf deciding to tell everyone he was an Ultimate Fighter at the reception

Sadly, I was not able to go down to the 'Burg on Sunday and see more people :(

However, I did make it to the last concert of the Folk Fest, which was awesome! Even if I DID miss Vienna Teng on Friday, alas. I particularly liked Malinky, Rockin' Acoustic Circus, and Richard Thompson. I also picked up "Book of Sparrows" by Tracy Grammer, but I don't know if I like it yet -- it's very mellow.

And then I made banana bread yesterday. Mmmm, banana bread.

I like bananas! Bananas are good. )

In conclusion: I apparently missed the Back to School Meeting, which may or may not have been mandatory. Whoops? In my defense, I have received absolutely no information about it, aside from that the retirement plan rep would be appearing in the district at some point and other people were supposed to call him. I guess I am not included in the district's Psychic Information Network :(
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While adventuring with my friends/going to Feeney's bridal shower, I have seen the following things:

- line-dancing to Lady Gaga
- leopard-print stairs

I believe my life is complete now.

So, what's better than Avatar: the Last Airbender and Discworld? Avatar and Discworld together! This is what happens when you sit in airports for too long.

Five Noble Families )

Gently Push Over the Forces of Repression! )

The Silver Horde )

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Yay, new SPooN preview!

Trailer et commentary )

Yesterday was my birthday! Went out to Blue Pacific in KOP with Marge and Laura, which was quite tasty and not hideously expensive. Tonight my parents are taking me out to the Cheesecake Factory, and we are going out to Iron Hill tomorrow for my mom's birthday. It's a very birthday-filled weekend. Also, I will probably never have to eat again.

And I finally posted my story from Nano!

Defende Nos in Proelio

Not, as mea soror would have it, Defende NOSE in Proelio, because noses don't really fit into the theme. King Arthur, cannibalism, and pie, yes, but not so much noses. And I am totally not fishing for comments.
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So, we had exciting adventures of FAIL last night.

First we went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, although we lost Mallory to unknown and possibly sinister events happening to Trevor's car. We got to see the new Harry Potter trailer, which was awesome, especially when Laura and I cracked up at the exact same part, which you can now behold in its full glory because Laura wins at life!

Spoilers will come on swift wings to whosoever clicks on this link )

Anyways, after the movie, we went to the B&N in Main Street to hang out since it was the only place open after 9. Except that apparently, Stephanie Meyer's new Twilight book came out, and there was a release party. The smart thing would have been to call it a loss, but since we willing went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor clearly this solution was not for us, so we hung out with the preteens and housewives and made bloodless origami (?) and charm bracelets and read books that were definitely not Twilight. We did, however, get to stay there extra long, since the store was open past midnight.

In conclusion: We are made of win, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is made of FAIL, and I am highly dubious of a book series whose primary audience is teenage girls and their mothers.
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So, on Friday? I totally spent the night at a LLAMA FARM. David was farm-sitting for one of his professors, and he and Lynn decided it was way too horror-movie for them to be out there alone, so they invited Meera and me to hang. We played with the psychotic dogs and drank cider and watch Tom Yum Goong, which is probably the only Thai action movie named after soup and featuring Tony Jaa's quest to recover his stolen elephants. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday morning we got to feed the llamas and alpacas! The llamas were more friendly, but the alpacas were softer to pet. One tried to spit at me. It was pretty awesome. Then I had to come back to the W-burg for a concert for prospies. Saturday night, we went to see Shakespeare in the Dark's Measure for Measure. About half the jokes in this play boil down to 'Ahahaha, you have syphilis!' )

I was amused, however, to recall that while we stayed in Vienna during spring break, our apartments were totally in the sex shop part of town. Some things never change.

Sunday I accidentally slept for almost 11 hours, because my alarm took daylight savings into account, but I did not. Also, apparently some of the llamas and alpacas escaped and David had to spend the afternoon chasing them around. Heh. We went to mug night at the Leafe, and Natasha and I watched "Dead Man's Blood". All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend.

In conclusion: this week's preview for SPooN looks suspiciously like it will feature The Flying Dutchman. Hah. Also, I am watching the BBC's version of Henry IV, Part 1, and if you go solely by hairstyles, it stars Prince Valiant as Hal, Art Garfunkel as Hotspur, and a bearded Emma Peel as the King. Awesome.
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Aaaaaaaaand the first full week of class is complete! I like all my classes (Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories, Shame and Self-Respect, Worlds of Music, and Phonetics and Phonology), though I did have existential angst about dropping Language Patterns because 1) it looked really interesting, 2) the prof seemed awesome, and 3) there were lots of cool people in it! However, I decided that since I can't write an honors thesis (::grumble::), I'd like to work on my Monroe Slacker's Project instead, and I don't think I'd have enough time to do that with 5 classes. It made me very sad, though.

Last night was exciting fun. We had tea and scones at Katherine's, then played the King Arthur drinking game (not with actual alcohol, though, because A, you would die, and B, we were watching it in a classroom) because Natasha had never seen the movie, although since she didn't really hear a whole lot of the movie over the mockery, I'm not sure how much of it she actually absorbed. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since watching Clive Owen ride around in armor is movie enough for me. After that, we went over to David's, met his iiiiiiiiiinteresting middle-aged roommate Tim, and watched Anchorman on Tim's very excellent TV while eating watermelon soaked in Malibu, which was also iiiiiiiiinteresting. When we got back to campus, we ran through all the sprinklers on Barksdale, and it was awesome. Also, wet.

Kirstin called me today to inform me that she bought a silver Dodge Avenger. I told her that "The Silver Avenger" is definitely a superhero name. Fight crime with great gas mileage!

I finished reading The Merchant of Venice for the first time today. Not only did it remind me how awesome this movie was, but it has also led me to the conclusion that Portia is actually a professional secret agent. No one just happens to brilliantly cross-dress, have an intimate knowledge of Venetian law, and have an information network that can determine the status of Antonio's boats before he knows. Super spy!

Finally, link spam!

Wall-mounted keyboards? It must be THE FUTURE! Or anyways, what they thought the future would look like, a hundred years back.

Going along with the theme, this sounds like the AWESOMEST IDEA EVER. Except we obviously couldn't dress up like colonials because no one would notice. I really like the idea of setting off a smoke bomb, then staggering out of the ensuing clouds and going "WHAT YEAR IS IT?" It involves small explosions AND messing with people's heads! (Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics Awesomeness suggests after you receive the answer to yell "NO! I've gone too far! I'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!!!" which I also advocate.)

Finally, the music video of "Rapper's Delight" is proof positive that the 70's was a bad, bad time. Also, one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen. (Watch out for the guy jamming in the background around 3:50). Most rappers nowadays wouldn't be caught dead in a turtleneck, but compared to the leisure suits everyone else is wearing, Master Gee is the baddest mofo to hit the streets. We watched this in Worlds of Music, which should demonstrate the awesomeness of that class.
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So, my attempts to accomplish lots of work this weekend were thwarted AGAIN. Saturday was to be devoted to finishing my Generative Syntax (or Degenerative Syntax, if you're Katherine) problem set, which I had already started, and to work on my oral presentation on severed heads for Early Celtic Narrative. However, this did not work because it took me 5 HOURS to finish my problem set. 5 HOURS. AND I HAD STARTED IT. AND I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO TYPE UP THE EXTRA CREDIT PROBLEM WHICH I HAD ALREADY DONE. This makes me very sad. Also, I better get a good grade, because seriously? 5 HOURS.

Yesterday I didn't do very much work because I went to Grand Illumination with Laura and Katherine and Alice. I have decided that you're not close enough to the fireworks unless pieces of ash fall on you and you smell like sulfur afterwards*. Then we went to the Wesley house for soup and sandwiches, and I stayed far too long singing Christmas carols with Meera and Murph and Alice on the piano. Then I came back and lamented how I got no work done.

I did go bowling on Friday with Women's Chorus. I broke a hundred and won the first game! Then I got a 69, which was bad but at least made me laugh.

My Schedule for Your Pitying Pleasure:
Tuesday: Handbells Concert
Wednesday: Oral Presentation on The Cult of the Severed Head
Thursday: Developmental Psychology Journal and accompanying paper due
Friday: Old English project due.

In conclusion, this reminds me of Natasha, and BSG Fight Club was AWESOME in a SPooNish way.

* I kept hoping Sam and Dean would show up to exorcise me, but alas, this did not occur
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It is Saturday night, and I am alone in my dorm room.

Why, you ask?

Because I am writing a paper due on Monday. I can't do it tomorrow, because I have to go to three church services and do my homework.

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If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:The Boss
Your symbol is:the snake, because you can wear it like a feather boa
You rule from:a great, golden, gem-studded palace
At your side is:your griffon steed, Simba
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:laser-gun-totin' space pirates!
Your most popular law is:Karaoke Wednesdays, with prizes! EVERYWHERE!!
Your least popular law is:Banning of the quote marks hand gesture
Your worst enemy is:your unstable water bed - how can you sleep?!
Your popularity rating is:: 30%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 31%
Quiz created with MemeGen!


reached new levels of cool on friday night, when i stayed home, watched the sci-fi channel, and played on my computer until 2 AM. go me. hung out with sproat and feeney on saturday, and went to see star wars again with mal on saturday night. last night, we visited kirstin and took her to dinner at the spaghetti warehouse. v. tasty, complete with a cute waiter.

also, i made cookies. go me!

started my monroe scholars project too, which shows a rather impressively low level of procrastination. for me, at least. anyways, started watching camelot, which (unlike all other king arthur movies) is actually good. richard harris is pretty awesome. lancelot is less a jerk than in the once and future king, which is good, because i stopped reading because of him. of course, i'm only halfway through the movie, but whatever. vanessa redgrave has very long fingers. richard harris definitely wins, however, for hiding in trees and running around screaming "ROUND TABLE!!!!!" have been taking all sorts of notes of varying usefulness, from "lancelot's view of chivalry" to "guinevere looks like a snowbeast" to "is arthur wearing eyeshadow?" (the answer is yes.) i am so on top of things, except not really.

where is my lunch?
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got out of work at 11:30 on friday. score! took a nice nap and went out to the cheesecake factory for father's day, since dad has gone gallivanting around south carolina with my grandmother. saturday was spent shopping with the kirstin and mum, which means that i got stuff too. i now own a pair of real chucks! i am success! also watched some season 4 blackadder; hugh laurie=awesome. sunday, went to see howl's moving hair-do castle with marge, and got a free darth vader poster that says "who's your daddy?"

too cool, really. going to chicago on wednesday! huzzah!

am currently at work, lurking in dad's office. he's not back, and the counselor i'm filing for hasn't come in yet. i sense another early day if i finish everything before lunch.

ETA: no early day for me. :( stupid filing. stupid orcs.


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