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OH GOD: The First Photo of the DC Earthquake Devastation


(I also love this picture. That dude in the back wishes he had some pearls to clutch.)
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Guess where I ate lunch on Saturday?

Old Town Alexandria FTW.

I stayed with the lovely Laura this weekend, who also entertained Meera and me with this hilarious vanity romance novel website, whose free samples basically equal terrible romance Mad Libs. On Sunday, a whole bunch of us headed to NMAI, where we partook of the chocolate lectures/free samples. Note to general public: always eat at Mitsitam, their cafe. It is full of delicious.

Meanwhile, my pile of used post-it notes continued to grow at an alarming rate, so I made more roses. Have some instructions this time!

Who will buy my post-it roses? / Two blooms fooooooor a penny. )

Tune in next week for discarded staple chain mail!

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Ahoy, mateys! I be returned just lately from me voyage to the District of Columbia in the Virginia Colony. 'Twas a great success! On Friday night, meself, Black Laura, and the fearsome lass Hallie did attend a fine soiree at Glen Echo, carousin' and dancin' late into the night. On Saturday, we devised a most cunnin' plot to deceive the Dread Meera, whose natal day it did be. (But first, alas, I acted a right scurvy dog when I did slay Black Laura's computer, a canny machine that did ever have a dislikin' of me.) We fared afar to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with her and Mad Alice, where I tried me hand at archery (under the tutelage of Black Laura, a most wicked and fearsome shot) and we pillaged and looted until we did be swimmin' with booty (and did greatly scoff at the steampunk scallywags, untutored sprogs who did be dressin' from the wrong century). Then we lured the Dread Meera back to her ship with cunnin' and deceit, where Tarred Daniel smartly did arrange a surprise party. We presented her with plundered swag (and squid humpin's!) and spliced the mainbrace to the melodious recitin's of Steve the Pirate. Today, me and Black Laura marauded the high seas, but alas, we were soon parted as I felt the sea callin' me home to Philadelphia port.

Fair winds, me hearties! I'll raise a glass o' grog to ye.
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So, if you are like me and totally fail at following current events, Pakistan is kind of underwater at this point and definitely needs everyone's help. You can text FLOOD to 27722 to donate $10; the Department of State's website has more info.

In much happier news, Elizabeth got married this weekend! Huzzah! Highlights include:

-- seeing Natasha before she flees to Tibet
-- being able to tell people we got kicked out of a club at the bachelorette partay
-- STEAMPUNK ANTLER EARRINGS (thanks, Katherine!)
-- contra dancing with Laura and unexpected Mike!
-- the wedding ceremony quietly being crashed by random Turkish tourists
-- Meera's bf deciding to tell everyone he was an Ultimate Fighter at the reception

Sadly, I was not able to go down to the 'Burg on Sunday and see more people :(

However, I did make it to the last concert of the Folk Fest, which was awesome! Even if I DID miss Vienna Teng on Friday, alas. I particularly liked Malinky, Rockin' Acoustic Circus, and Richard Thompson. I also picked up "Book of Sparrows" by Tracy Grammer, but I don't know if I like it yet -- it's very mellow.

And then I made banana bread yesterday. Mmmm, banana bread.

I like bananas! Bananas are good. )

In conclusion: I apparently missed the Back to School Meeting, which may or may not have been mandatory. Whoops? In my defense, I have received absolutely no information about it, aside from that the retirement plan rep would be appearing in the district at some point and other people were supposed to call him. I guess I am not included in the district's Psychic Information Network :(
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So, Christmas! I am typing this on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, because the first HAL 9000 decided not to recognize my USB ports or, you know, open the pod-bay doors. So say hello to the HAL 9000 Mk. 2! (Other presents of note include Torchwood Series 2, because apparently my sister was overcome by a fit of madness. So now I can resume chronicling the epic fail legally! Woohoo?)

Christmas has been nice, albeit much more low-key than usual this year. We only had a handful of people at our family Christmas party this year (and by handful, I mean 15), which was also more somber than its wont, and the traditional trek down to SC on my dad's side of the family is also unusually sparse, since my parents decided to go to Cleveland to see my brother, and my aunt and cousin are mysterious MIA.

Of course, this might have been the wiser move (well, not going to Cleveland, that's never a wise move) because they are doing beach reconstruction in Myrtle Beach RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FRIGGIN' HOTEL. Seriously, who was all "Yes, let's have oil rig-type monstrosities floating offshore, backhoes running through the night, and giant pipes spewing wet sand all over the place right in the middle of the holiday season, when travel is already down because the economy is crap!"? And we've had a couple really nice days, too, which are harder to enjoy when the entrances to the beach are blocked off with yellow tape and you have to walk around an enormous pile of suspicious sand covered in seagulls and the aforementioned giant pipe. I mean, I went around them anyway, but it's the principle of the thing.

However, I did get to see the ever-awesome Natasha, and we ate delicious Thai food (eventually) and watched Robin Hood and SPooN and this amazingly bad movie called The Lady and the Highwayman, starring wee!Hugh Grant as the titular highwayman who is basically a one-man secret service for Charles II, and the true love of his cousin who he met once for about five minutes. At least, I think that's the plot, because it was kind of hard to tell. As Crow T. Robot once famously said, "You know, it's much more economical for this movie not to have a plot. That was you can just film people saying things!" However, there was quite a lot of curly hair, costumes jacked from Richard Lester's Three/Four Musketeers, and Hugh Grant's inability to remain awake for his lines. Maybe the fearsome weight of his curly bouffant mullet lulled him to sleep, I don't know.

In other exciting news, I have pretty much finished editing my Nano story! I will post it as soon as min sweoster ever gets around to giving me constructive criticism. Or until I get annoyed with waiting for her, whichever comes first. So soon!

And finally, I shall be in DC for New Year's! Assuming our trip up 95 is not as failtastic as our trip down, anyway. In conclusion: huzzah!
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Not to mock your pain or anything, but I'm kind of amused that my friends list is primarily tearful farewells to the college life. (That and Doctor Who newsletters, because I am that cool). It hasn't really hit me yet, although this may be partially due to the fact that I've spent most of the last week sleeping on account of bronchitis.

However, in solidarity, I must admit I will miss school, especially being able to harass my awesome friends at will. I already miss being able to walk everywhere -- cabin fever + high gas prices = sadness. I'll even miss classes, because aside from actually handing in assignments, I love learning stuff and discussing it with escalating vocabulary wars.

There's also the fact that I need to figure out something to do with my life, or at least figure out a sufficiently prestigious delaying tactic so people will stop singing "What do you do with a BA in English?" at me. I don't mind entering the real world, but it would be nice if I had a clue for what to do in it. Anyways, at least I have the summer to look for something while I'm administrative assisting (or staff supporting, which is what my badge says) at good ole' UDHS.

In conclusion: I'm sure Mick Jagger speaks for all of us when he sang "I see my red door and it has been painted black." Because nothing says woe like Rolling Stones emo, and nothing can more elegantly express the despair of the ever-changing cycle of life than rhyming "black" with "black". Forty times.
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So I lose at updating. Oops.

Tomorrow will be exactly one week from my birthday! I am now 22, which is a depressingly old-looking number. By all accounts I should be an official adult now, so if anyone has any idea of how an official adult is supposed to act, let me know. I imagine it involves things like getting jobs that have health insurance, which I am shortly going to need, so again, let me know. My time here at William and Mary has taught me that I make a really excellent student, which is unfortunately not a viable career option, so I'm having to wing it.

Being an account of my birthday partay! ) All in all, it was an evening full of win. Also cake.

Coming up are Sprink Break (whooo!) and the imminent destruction of Meera's apartment, which (pending permission of her landlord) we hope to have a hand in on Thursday night, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ahem. See, this is what happens when I don't have TV to watch. Break looks to be an exciting mix of adminstrative assistancing and dental work, so I'm going to have to get my kicks through defacing Meera's property, as any wild rebel would. It's a righteous groove, baby.

Oh, and we're having a family outing to the Franklin Institute to see the Star Wars exhibit. I GET TO SIT IN THE MILENNIUM FALCON GUYS.

To "review" for my Medieval Lit exam, Natasha and I watched the 1999 Beowulf.'Tonight, I am full of magic!' )

In conclusion: Why does everyone hate Geatland? Is it so much to ask that Beowulf can actually go home?

Finally, I would like to present your surreal link of the day: the music video for 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.
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So, on Friday? I totally spent the night at a LLAMA FARM. David was farm-sitting for one of his professors, and he and Lynn decided it was way too horror-movie for them to be out there alone, so they invited Meera and me to hang. We played with the psychotic dogs and drank cider and watch Tom Yum Goong, which is probably the only Thai action movie named after soup and featuring Tony Jaa's quest to recover his stolen elephants. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday morning we got to feed the llamas and alpacas! The llamas were more friendly, but the alpacas were softer to pet. One tried to spit at me. It was pretty awesome. Then I had to come back to the W-burg for a concert for prospies. Saturday night, we went to see Shakespeare in the Dark's Measure for Measure. About half the jokes in this play boil down to 'Ahahaha, you have syphilis!' )

I was amused, however, to recall that while we stayed in Vienna during spring break, our apartments were totally in the sex shop part of town. Some things never change.

Sunday I accidentally slept for almost 11 hours, because my alarm took daylight savings into account, but I did not. Also, apparently some of the llamas and alpacas escaped and David had to spend the afternoon chasing them around. Heh. We went to mug night at the Leafe, and Natasha and I watched "Dead Man's Blood". All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend.

In conclusion: this week's preview for SPooN looks suspiciously like it will feature The Flying Dutchman. Hah. Also, I am watching the BBC's version of Henry IV, Part 1, and if you go solely by hairstyles, it stars Prince Valiant as Hal, Art Garfunkel as Hotspur, and a bearded Emma Peel as the King. Awesome.
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Aaaaaaaaand the first full week of class is complete! I like all my classes (Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories, Shame and Self-Respect, Worlds of Music, and Phonetics and Phonology), though I did have existential angst about dropping Language Patterns because 1) it looked really interesting, 2) the prof seemed awesome, and 3) there were lots of cool people in it! However, I decided that since I can't write an honors thesis (::grumble::), I'd like to work on my Monroe Slacker's Project instead, and I don't think I'd have enough time to do that with 5 classes. It made me very sad, though.

Last night was exciting fun. We had tea and scones at Katherine's, then played the King Arthur drinking game (not with actual alcohol, though, because A, you would die, and B, we were watching it in a classroom) because Natasha had never seen the movie, although since she didn't really hear a whole lot of the movie over the mockery, I'm not sure how much of it she actually absorbed. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since watching Clive Owen ride around in armor is movie enough for me. After that, we went over to David's, met his iiiiiiiiiinteresting middle-aged roommate Tim, and watched Anchorman on Tim's very excellent TV while eating watermelon soaked in Malibu, which was also iiiiiiiiinteresting. When we got back to campus, we ran through all the sprinklers on Barksdale, and it was awesome. Also, wet.

Kirstin called me today to inform me that she bought a silver Dodge Avenger. I told her that "The Silver Avenger" is definitely a superhero name. Fight crime with great gas mileage!

I finished reading The Merchant of Venice for the first time today. Not only did it remind me how awesome this movie was, but it has also led me to the conclusion that Portia is actually a professional secret agent. No one just happens to brilliantly cross-dress, have an intimate knowledge of Venetian law, and have an information network that can determine the status of Antonio's boats before he knows. Super spy!

Finally, link spam!

Wall-mounted keyboards? It must be THE FUTURE! Or anyways, what they thought the future would look like, a hundred years back.

Going along with the theme, this sounds like the AWESOMEST IDEA EVER. Except we obviously couldn't dress up like colonials because no one would notice. I really like the idea of setting off a smoke bomb, then staggering out of the ensuing clouds and going "WHAT YEAR IS IT?" It involves small explosions AND messing with people's heads! (Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics Awesomeness suggests after you receive the answer to yell "NO! I've gone too far! I'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!!!" which I also advocate.)

Finally, the music video of "Rapper's Delight" is proof positive that the 70's was a bad, bad time. Also, one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen. (Watch out for the guy jamming in the background around 3:50). Most rappers nowadays wouldn't be caught dead in a turtleneck, but compared to the leisure suits everyone else is wearing, Master Gee is the baddest mofo to hit the streets. We watched this in Worlds of Music, which should demonstrate the awesomeness of that class.
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I've often felt that the wee hours of the morning were excellent times to ponder deep questions, such as, Why are we here? Who am I really? What am I going to do with my life? Why does my wireless internet only work at 4:30 in the morning? Where is my roommate? Why does my hall smell like fish?

Anyways, been packing. Dad is coming at some ungodly hour to take my stuff home. I hate packing. Also, I am slow. At packing, that is.

So, I'm watching "Crouton" "Croatian" "Croatoan" after reading some whining criticism on it. After intense meditation, I think I've discovered how it was supposed to go:

The Making of Croatoan )

Bed time. Ubi est mea amica cubiculae?
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When most people go abroad, their eyes are opened to the many diverse and wonderful cultures that exist in this our world.

When Natasha goes abroad, she gets attacked by leeches and beaten with sticks.

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A Word of Advice: Do not attempt to swing arms briskly forward when there is a desk in the way. This only leads to pain and reduced use of your right hand index and middle fingers. Ouchies.

Another Word of Advice: Be really careful about your segueways whilst IMing people.

In which I apparently admitted I have Fal-diddle-i-urum Dysfunction )

In other news, I have not been overwhelmed by homework. Huzzah! My classes are pretty awesome too, as are my professors, so all is well in the academic world. Also, I've come up with a tentative idea for my Monroe Scholar's project that would incorporate a touring the British Isles with Katherine, which is also pretty awesome and a Load Off My Mind. Being pressured to find something to do with $3000 can be stressful, you know.

In the entertainment portion of tonight's program my life, last night we watched Erik the Viking and Kronk's New Groove. Erik the Viking was originally a Monty Python thing, and then it did end up with Monty Python people in it, but alas, it is not up to Monty Python caliber. It was, however, on lots of crack. Percy/Darling from Blackadder was in it as Sven the Berserk, so that was fun. In conclusion: Tim Robbins often looks like a girl. Kronk's New Groove was of course not nearly as good as the original, but it was pretty funny. However, it was also deeply, deeply disturbing. Definitely not required viewing. In conclusion: Pancake Junction!

We also went to the IT (Improv Theater) show, and guess what! They're actually funny again! Huzzah!

Because I am, in fact, too hip for the educational institute, I made another spoon icon:

Carry on, wayward icon )

And, finally, I present to you the Bad Goth Poetry Generator!. If only Natasha were here.
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Go here and look through the random quotes until you find 5 that speak to you. Repost in your lj and invite anyone who wants to to do the same.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Everything you can imagine is real.
-Pablo Picasso

Look at what your idea of success would be. The more that you take in external motivators, the more it reduces your ultimate satisfaction because it doesn't come from inside.
-Chris Messina

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
-Mark Twain

Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it you have the ability to enjoy it.
-Salma Hayek

In Other News

Back from the shore. It was awesome, except for the part where I have incredible sunburn. As Elizabeth noted, "The yellow face! It burns us!"

Also, I've discovered lots of pictures on my camera. They are very entertaining. Look out!


Quote o' the Day:
"Daaaaaaaave, my fish is dead! DEAD! Dead dead dead. I put it in a cup so I could take them to the Poconos, and it jumped out, and it was LYING on the FLOOR FOREVER and now it's DEAD. OH MY GOD IT'S STILL ALIVE YAY ok, bye."
-my latest cell phone message from Marge. The last I heard, Boomer the fish is alive and well and 100 miles away in the Poconos. Also, suicidal fish make me think of Red Dwarf.
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You guys win. Also, I love SPooN.
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my roommate is an ANTEATER.

ETA: who is now eating MORE ANTS and RANDOM PIECES OF PAPER.

ETA ETA: "It was like an open-faced ant-paper sandwich! With a little bit of peanut butter, to help them stick to the paper."
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Behold the awesomeness:

(l to r: a pirate, rita skeeter, a sexy slytherin, white tara, and princess leia with hair-drying laser action!)


(l to r: me)
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that thing, you know? where you google "[your name] is". apparently, a lot of people named dave are as random as i am.

Dave is completely safe and will never contact you by email  )

and one for my real name:
Jennifer is not a criminal

bonus searches!
Marge is a pretty sharp sheep
Mallory is exiled to the isolated clinic in the frozen wilds of Wyoming as a last chance for redemption
Danielle is a Badass
Gen is er fyrst og fremst kennsluvefur í erfðafræði fyrir alla
Sproat is wholly unfit for anything but verbose, voluminous, tiresome correspondence
Feeney is emblematic of this rhetorical arms race
meera is the best! yay! cygnet power!
Katherine is going to kick some serious schneider
Natasha is my best friend and probably the most beautiful ferret in the whole world!
Elizabeth is as indulgent and cathartic as a pint of Häagen-Dazs
Kirstin is eating of tofu recently, and Beorn understands this thing not at all.

dum de doo

Mar. 11th, 2005 12:48 pm
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well, the past couple days have been interesting, to say the least.

bummed around on monday and tuesday. wednesday, i was productive and went to work. wednesday, i discovered the location of paoli hospital (despite directions that included things like "turn on to route 30. the hospital is on your left" from the official webpage. no joke) and kept marge company to combat DRAMA, which hopefully isn't quite as dramatic. thursday, i filed and filed and filed some more, and recieved quite a number of nasty papercuts and various other abrasions from the hanging files of DOOM, which are really quite inconvenient if they are packed very tightly in a filing cabinet. back is also quite sore from bending over. but then i hung out with natasha and her friends, who are as cool as i am, and we watched napoleon dynamite and shaun of the dead, which are both pretty awesome. when i got home, i made kirstin watch some more red dwarf because it is awesome. and then i went to bed, and had dreams about zombies, which was rather distressing. however, i have come to the conclusion that, in the face of a zombie attack, school auditoriums are the best place to seek shelter. i mean, they have no windows, multiple exits with sturdy doors, and are really quite spacious. ideally, roaming about the countryside in a car would be even better, but then there's that pesky problem with the lack of gas. if mel gibson could come, though, that would take care of that problem.

also, i have finished reading all the "series of unfortunate events" books that are out so far, and they are quite awesome. lemony snicket is my hero. and if i ever had to join a secret society, i would totally go for the one that involves being well-read and dressing up as a chest of drawers and writing amusing things. hee. also borrowed drowned wednesday from marge, which is awesome not only because it was written by garth nix (who is awesome as well) but also because the back totally says "on monday, there was mystery. on tuesday, there was darkness. on wednesday, there were pirates." huzzah.

i am going to go make kirstin a sandwhich now. she is im-ing me from across the room. dork.

Quote o' the Day:
"Well, I didn't bring very many clothes home. Mostly just books. But not fun books. Well, some fun books, like the Purgatorio."
-my sister, the queen of cool


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