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While adventuring with my friends/going to Feeney's bridal shower, I have seen the following things:

- line-dancing to Lady Gaga
- leopard-print stairs

I believe my life is complete now.

So, what's better than Avatar: the Last Airbender and Discworld? Avatar and Discworld together! This is what happens when you sit in airports for too long.

Five Noble Families )

Gently Push Over the Forces of Repression! )

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Subject line courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Overload at the Memory Bank. Heh. Maybe that should be my new tag.

Anyways, it is time to unveil a brand spiffy new icon! )

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We are waiting for Kurt's friend to pick him up so we can go get dinner, and then I can go to Mal's for a margarita partay! Whooo! It was supposed to be a pool partay, but OF COURSE the hot, sticky weather we've had all week had to turn into cool, sticky weather with rain. BOOOOOOOOOO. At least the margaritas will still be tasty.

In conclusion: Someone called work today and asked about "Coast Guard Training Lessons". Um, what the HELL were you thinking? Seriously.
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And, you know, Diana and Marge and Danielle and everyone else.


Dec. 29th, 2005 11:05 pm
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So. In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be precise. Am pirating wireless from an unknown location. Arrr!

Have gone shopping, seen three movies, watched random things on England on the History channel, read The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide to MST 3k and now want to see every episode ever, and been to the Barnes and Nobles twice. Also, I wrote a children's book, The Adventures of Captain Sproat. (Speaking of which -- Sproat! If you are reading this, do you mind being immortalized to generations of impressionable youths? If not, let me know ASAP).

For some reason, have lost all pronouns. Huh.

Quotes o' the Day:
My dad and uncle discussing a show (with star impersonators) my uncle almost got tickets for

My Uncle: Well, there's Elvis --
My Dad: He's dead.
My Uncle: Marilyn Monroe --
My Dad: She's dead.
My Uncle: And Barbara Streisand.
My Dad: She's liberal.

Diana on The Chronicles of Narnia miniseries they did a while back

Diana: Actors needed lots of help. I was laughing like I was watching Red Dwarf and its not supposed to be funny.

Everyone I knew is super-cool.

Battery running low. Also quite tired.
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< /sarcasm >

At work. Spent the morning alphabetizing and filing. It was all kinds of exciting, if by exciting you mean "mind-numbingly menial" (how's that for alliteration, hmm?). Currently on "lunch break," but as nobody knows what I'm doing, we'll see how long I can make it last. Long lunches = hurrah. The things I do for my $49.95 (I got a raise! a whole 20¢. apparently, the school district is still afraid of round numbers) a day.

The weekend was fun, though. Went to visit Marge at Lehigh! Hurrah! Got to meet Mike the (quasi*-)bf and play with Nugget the Squirrel, who is very cute, and also apparently very illegal. Possibly I will go to "People who wish they could befriend squirrels" and gloat. In further gloating news, got Marge to watch BSG and now she is addicted too. Mwahahahahahaha. That's 7 people, so far. I am invincible! It is an epidemic I tell you. An epidemic of AWESOME.

I had something else to say, and now I forget what it is. Ah well. Shall go eat food, I suppose.

Whoa, my "hungry" mood option is freaky. I do not look like that currently, I'm pretty sure it would be against dress code.

*c.f. your last note, Marge.
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kto on anakin skywalker:

kto: but he talks in this little kid voice
kto: he always sounds like he's 4
kto: you can't deny that
kto: james earl jones' voice, was a big change
kto: it's like delayed puberty
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i have been filing for 3 days, and i am still only on the k's.

that rhymes! i'm a poet and didn't realize!

in other news, went to an impromptu partay at dan's house, and got to see dan and sproat! huzzah! also mrs. pritchard and kasia. dan and marge and sproat were bored, so they decided to trim my hair. a re-enactment:

marge: sproat, you haven't had a turn yet. you cut dave's hair!
sproat: ok! ::snipsnipsnip::
dan: umm...
marge: sproat...
me: is it at least even on average?
marge: on average, yes... ::steals scissors from sproat:: here we go, now it's even.
dan: my turn! ::SNIP::
marge and sproat: ::laugh evilly::

so, now my hair is several inches shorter, but it looks nice. i am however thankful that i was unable to see the back of my own head while all this was going on.

in other news, i have seasons 5 and 6 of red dwarf! huzzah! i shall try to refrain from watching them until i get back to school, however. we'll see how long that lasts.
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saw "oooooooooooooooooooooook! lahoma" last night. it was surprisingly (for a mts production) good. everyone did a really nice job, congratulations. after the uno's partay, went to marge's and watched the ring. didn't think it was all that scary, to tell you the truth. maybe the orginal is scarier. sadly, marge had to get up at 7:30 this morning to go to work, so i just woke up too and went home. hence this lovely obnoxious, early post.

also? i went to dinner with diana, and squirted ketchup on my nose. stop laughing. it was a weird bottle, i tell you. a bottle of jet-propelled ketchup. or something.


i think i'm going to go check out the proposal for the monroe scholars thing. need to get cracking. emailing my professor from last semester would probably be a good idea, no?


dum de doo

Mar. 11th, 2005 12:48 pm
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well, the past couple days have been interesting, to say the least.

bummed around on monday and tuesday. wednesday, i was productive and went to work. wednesday, i discovered the location of paoli hospital (despite directions that included things like "turn on to route 30. the hospital is on your left" from the official webpage. no joke) and kept marge company to combat DRAMA, which hopefully isn't quite as dramatic. thursday, i filed and filed and filed some more, and recieved quite a number of nasty papercuts and various other abrasions from the hanging files of DOOM, which are really quite inconvenient if they are packed very tightly in a filing cabinet. back is also quite sore from bending over. but then i hung out with natasha and her friends, who are as cool as i am, and we watched napoleon dynamite and shaun of the dead, which are both pretty awesome. when i got home, i made kirstin watch some more red dwarf because it is awesome. and then i went to bed, and had dreams about zombies, which was rather distressing. however, i have come to the conclusion that, in the face of a zombie attack, school auditoriums are the best place to seek shelter. i mean, they have no windows, multiple exits with sturdy doors, and are really quite spacious. ideally, roaming about the countryside in a car would be even better, but then there's that pesky problem with the lack of gas. if mel gibson could come, though, that would take care of that problem.

also, i have finished reading all the "series of unfortunate events" books that are out so far, and they are quite awesome. lemony snicket is my hero. and if i ever had to join a secret society, i would totally go for the one that involves being well-read and dressing up as a chest of drawers and writing amusing things. hee. also borrowed drowned wednesday from marge, which is awesome not only because it was written by garth nix (who is awesome as well) but also because the back totally says "on monday, there was mystery. on tuesday, there was darkness. on wednesday, there were pirates." huzzah.

i am going to go make kirstin a sandwhich now. she is im-ing me from across the room. dork.

Quote o' the Day:
"Well, I didn't bring very many clothes home. Mostly just books. But not fun books. Well, some fun books, like the Purgatorio."
-my sister, the queen of cool
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hee! )

i find my dark side growth potential oddly appropriate.

in other news, i wish i knew more about egyptians. that might have helped on my art history exam. although i did get mention a guy named imhotep! how cool is that?

ETA: diana is officially the awesome person of the day! not only is she feeding my red dwarf habit, she sent me not one, but TWO birthday presents! diana wins! yay! i like exclamation points!
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my friends are trying to kill me with drama. and it's not even really their fault.


i think i need a hug.
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ashley and marge are giving me a makeover.

this may be my last entry before my hair is dyed some spicy, magical color.

in case i don't make it... i love you.
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after intense speculation, victoria and i have determined that plato ≠ cookies, and microsoft is evil.


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