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Happy Pi Day! In celebration, I made a honey pecan pie! And as my sister so cunningly pointed out, you can't have a Round Table without pi, so I present to you the story I started... two years ago! (You'll notice it's set at Christmas. My sense of timing, as ever, is unerring.)

Being a Most Glorious Account of the Founding of the Round Table

How ARTHUR did create, from the SAD WRECKKAGE of a moste vicious CHRISTMAS AFFRAY, a symbol of ORDER and JUSTICE with the aide of his moste fayre ladye GUINEVERE, Sir GAWAIN the FLOWRE of CORTESIE, the ladye ANNA moste GILDED with LOVE amongst alle maydens, ond Sir KAY with the PARLOUS FOWLEDING CHAIR. )
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So far, I have not yet been assassinated in the Senate, but who knows -- the night is still young!

Got a cold last Friday, which sucks. Clearly the best cure for this was standing around in the rain all day at Shamrock Fest! Fortunately, we heard some awesome bands (The Tossers! Scythian! Enter the Haggis! Carbon Leaf!), so it was totally worth it.

Yesterday, as you should know, was Pi Day! In celebration, I made Laura drive me all over NoVA in search of some place that had pie. Fortunately, we found Meera, and then a diner, so all was right with the world once more.

Personally, I think we should combine the two holidays (3-14/15, see? It fits!) and organize epic games of Assassins wherein you take out your target by pieing them in the face.

In conclusion: GoogleBooks has apparently opted for a very entertaining reading of Shakespeare's play, wherein the mob is actually made up of delicious pastry and not, you know, plebeians. But isn't that a mistake we all make?

It's a shame, really: "Enter Brutus [...] and Cassius, with the pie" would give even "Exit, pursued by a bear" a run for its money as Most Awesome Stage Direction.
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Apparently last year I didn't post on Pi Day.


This is unconscionable!

In return, have a trippy, creepy video and a scene from my next story, which, while it does not have pi, DOES have pie, which is almost as good.

D&D + Robots + Fake Children's TV + Sketchy Dude = π )

Despite all evidence to the contrary, this is actually about the founding of the Round Table )
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π = 3.14159265... )
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And here I thought there wasn't anything weirder than the movie...

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HAPPY ∏ DAY!!!!!

In celebration, I made a pie! It is apple and also delicious. Everything went well except for the part where I dropped it, and then the oven turned off and it didn't cook for 20 minutes. Yeah.

Mmmm, pi.
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Happy π day!


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