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My sister just called me, completely enraged, to tell me I am the world's biggest bum because I am going to a party instead of the premiere of Stardust. My family is too cool for school.

Anyways, Disney World was fun! It was really hot though, and one day it rained so hard we just gave up on being dry and spent the entire time completely soaked (this was the one time I was glad that it was hot). Also, an inordinate time of our television watching was devoted to Hannah Montana, because Kurt has a PROBLEM. He also lost his Blackberry. I, however, found a fastpass for Expedition Everest and went on the rollercoaster again while he and Kirstin reported it to the staff. It's probably karma. Also, I am now the proud owner of a piratical Mickey Mouse ears.

1. Rockin' Rollercoaster (or possibly the Rock and Rollercoaster)
2. Splash and
3. Space Mountains
4. Dinosaur
5. Expedition Everest

4/5 of these are rollercoasters, which should tell you something about my thrillseeking profile.

1. The Great Movie Ride -- seriously, this ride sucks out loud, and we had an ├╝ber-fake perky tour guide, which made it even worse.

Speaking of lame, I now am, in the traditional sense. I think I've like, stress fractured the ball of my right foot or something from walking around so much. It's getting slightly better, but if it hasn't improved by Monday I'm going to get it looked at. Also, it is annoying because it hurts to drive. Unexpected Bonus: Kurt has had to drive us in to school, and since the Crown Vic has no gas, we've had to use the Loser Cruiser, which Kurt detests. Hehehehe.

I got paid today! I got a raise in July, and have calculated that, working 8-hour days, I would make $6.66/hr. Awesome.

Finally, I had a dream the other night where I explained to my sister the relationship between the Quest del saint graal and La Morte D'Arthur. I can now officially say I can explain Arthuriana in my sleep (I can recite the Latin first declension endings while somnolent, as well). This is what happens when you work hard, people.

And then I had a dream where Natasha and I were taking another Religious Studies class together, but we kept getting interrupted by dragons.

IN CONCLUSION: 1) Disney totally lies when they say Disney World is the place where dreams come true, because I still can't fly; 2) Given the rest of my dreams, this may be a good thing.
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I just had a dream that combined "Perceval", Doctor Who, and FILING. I actually went back to sleep when my alarm went off, because I hadn't finished the stack of files.

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So, I had a dream last night wherein Elizabeth, Orlando Bloom, and Hamlet were X-Men imprisoned in my backyard. I tried to get secret documents to them by hiding them in one of the buckets in my garage, but they were intercepted ::dun dun DUN::.

Seriously, WTF.
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...why is my brother watching 13 Going On 30 of his own volition?

So, it turns out there's nothing like driving to work in the morning listening to reports of renegade school buses on the radio, then pulling into the parking lot of the high school where you are gainfully employed and attempting to park in your spot right next to the bus lane. It's almost as much fun as staying up until 2:30 AM to write a story about zombies rampaging through a house, and then having to go upstairs in the dark alone. Yup.

I got a new phone yesterday! It is shiny and black and flippy and basically the same size as my old phone, which entertains me somewhat, as that one is 3 years, 6 months, and... 7 days old. It was retro! Hopefully this one will last as long.

I celebrated MLK day by hanging out with the lovely Laura. She was intrigued by SPooN, so we watched an episode, but she concluded that such a show was too much for her nerves, alas. I think she and Katherine should start a Facebook group entitled "I don't actually watch Supernatural but I've heard that it's awesome." You can be SPooN groupies! Dooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiit. Anyways, then we watched Sharpe's Rifles because Sean Bean is the awesome. "Chosen men, eh? Well, I didn't choose you." Possibly the best part of owning a Sharpe movie on DVD is that I get the awesome introduction. "I don't know where he is now, but he'll always be in my heart." Genius.

Speaking of SPooN, I had a dream last night where Ash was playing the guitar for a small adorable child. ????? Then I had to save the world from some deadly spore released by a disgruntled employee. There also might have been a part that was like a cross between "Heroes" and Harry Potter. Possibly I am watching too much television.

In conclusion, I think I am going to visit school next week! I'll probably get there on Monday and stay until Thursday, when my dad will pick me up and also bring down the refrigerator. Huzzah! Meera, if you are still alive, when are you coming down? Cause you should do that. And also not be dead.
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The morning started out great. I had a really restful sleep, and a cool dream where I was a slayer of evil giant worms and got to meet Sir Gawain (although I think Katherine got eaten before I killed the evil giant worm. Sorry dude). I was going to get up, eat breakfast, read the Venemous Beard, and go to class. But this was all THWARTED because the fire alarm went off. Being a veteran of the Bryan Complex, I eventually meandered out in my pajamas. Except then we found out it was actually a GAS LEAK caused by the STUPID WORKMEN in Rogers. So I had to skip my classes because I didn't have any books and also I am wearing PAJAMAS.

This sucks out loud.
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So, I had another random dream yesterday night. I have the weirdest dreams ever )


So, anyway, during this dream, I experienced "dream deja vu". Like, you feel that you've had the dream before. Not necessarily in a recurring dream kind of sense, but you think that things went differently last time. I'm curious: does this happen to anyone else? Or are my dreams just so weird that they include metatextual commentary as well as copious amounts of crack?
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Hey, I have an appropriate icon. Sweet.

A dream is a wish your heart makes? HAHA IT IS TO LAUGH )

I'd go see if the filing drawer is cleaned out so I can get back to work, but whaddaya know, it's lunchtime! I love 1.5 hour breaks followed by food!
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Today I returned to the workforce. I spent the entire day alphabetizing a box of papers for one of the counselors. I fell asleep. And I'm still not done, so THE FUN WILL CONTINUE.

Also, last night I had a dream that ended up with me playing soccer with Helo. So naturally, during all the alphabetization excitement I figured out what position everyone would play: The BSG Soccer Team )
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so last night, i didn't sleep very well. while not sleeping well, i had a dream where i knew i was not sleeping well. in that dream, i was having a dream about not sleeping well, and then i woke up (in my dream) and complained about not sleeping well. and as i finally stopped thrashing around, my father woke me up to go to work. at 5:55. woe.

at work. was 15 minutes late on account of school buses and the parking lot of DOOM. i have no gas left in my car. have been filing things all morning.

the excitement will kill me, let me tell you.


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