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and to all a good night!
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Because nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like Star Wars and the musical stylings of Jon Bon Jovi.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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I just finished decorating the tree! (Shh, we've put it up on Christmas Eve so many times it's a tradition now.) Apart from it being lopsided (not my fault), it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Now it's time to wrap presents and go watch Love Actually with my siblings (we like to make our traditions as interesting as possible).

Have some MST3K carols, everyone!

Love and Joy come to you / unless you can't provide the Wassail / then severe financial penalties shall come to you / then severe financial penaltlies to yoooouuuuuu )

Merry Christmas!
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So, Christmas! I am typing this on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, because the first HAL 9000 decided not to recognize my USB ports or, you know, open the pod-bay doors. So say hello to the HAL 9000 Mk. 2! (Other presents of note include Torchwood Series 2, because apparently my sister was overcome by a fit of madness. So now I can resume chronicling the epic fail legally! Woohoo?)

Christmas has been nice, albeit much more low-key than usual this year. We only had a handful of people at our family Christmas party this year (and by handful, I mean 15), which was also more somber than its wont, and the traditional trek down to SC on my dad's side of the family is also unusually sparse, since my parents decided to go to Cleveland to see my brother, and my aunt and cousin are mysterious MIA.

Of course, this might have been the wiser move (well, not going to Cleveland, that's never a wise move) because they are doing beach reconstruction in Myrtle Beach RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FRIGGIN' HOTEL. Seriously, who was all "Yes, let's have oil rig-type monstrosities floating offshore, backhoes running through the night, and giant pipes spewing wet sand all over the place right in the middle of the holiday season, when travel is already down because the economy is crap!"? And we've had a couple really nice days, too, which are harder to enjoy when the entrances to the beach are blocked off with yellow tape and you have to walk around an enormous pile of suspicious sand covered in seagulls and the aforementioned giant pipe. I mean, I went around them anyway, but it's the principle of the thing.

However, I did get to see the ever-awesome Natasha, and we ate delicious Thai food (eventually) and watched Robin Hood and SPooN and this amazingly bad movie called The Lady and the Highwayman, starring wee!Hugh Grant as the titular highwayman who is basically a one-man secret service for Charles II, and the true love of his cousin who he met once for about five minutes. At least, I think that's the plot, because it was kind of hard to tell. As Crow T. Robot once famously said, "You know, it's much more economical for this movie not to have a plot. That was you can just film people saying things!" However, there was quite a lot of curly hair, costumes jacked from Richard Lester's Three/Four Musketeers, and Hugh Grant's inability to remain awake for his lines. Maybe the fearsome weight of his curly bouffant mullet lulled him to sleep, I don't know.

In other exciting news, I have pretty much finished editing my Nano story! I will post it as soon as min sweoster ever gets around to giving me constructive criticism. Or until I get annoyed with waiting for her, whichever comes first. So soon!

And finally, I shall be in DC for New Year's! Assuming our trip up 95 is not as failtastic as our trip down, anyway. In conclusion: huzzah!
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In conclusion, awesome. Mission accomplished.


Dec. 29th, 2005 11:05 pm
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So. In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be precise. Am pirating wireless from an unknown location. Arrr!

Have gone shopping, seen three movies, watched random things on England on the History channel, read The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide to MST 3k and now want to see every episode ever, and been to the Barnes and Nobles twice. Also, I wrote a children's book, The Adventures of Captain Sproat. (Speaking of which -- Sproat! If you are reading this, do you mind being immortalized to generations of impressionable youths? If not, let me know ASAP).

For some reason, have lost all pronouns. Huh.

Quotes o' the Day:
My dad and uncle discussing a show (with star impersonators) my uncle almost got tickets for

My Uncle: Well, there's Elvis --
My Dad: He's dead.
My Uncle: Marilyn Monroe --
My Dad: She's dead.
My Uncle: And Barbara Streisand.
My Dad: She's liberal.

Diana on The Chronicles of Narnia miniseries they did a while back

Diana: Actors needed lots of help. I was laughing like I was watching Red Dwarf and its not supposed to be funny.

Everyone I knew is super-cool.

Battery running low. Also quite tired.
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Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays also!

Um. Have to go clean now for the Christmas partay. And decorate the tree. And make some pie crusts. And wrap presents. And stuff.

But at least I don't have to write a paper on how Anchises got carried out of Troy (or blow up 12 planets)! Yes!

Quote o' the Day:
Kirstin on my new coat: Why, you're looking very... Sharpe this evening.
Me: You've been waiting all night to say that, haven't you.
Kirstin: Yeah. It's pretty much the best part of my day.

ETA: It is 2:00 in the morning. My mission to make two (2) loaves of cranberry bread has been exactly fifty percent (50%) success. Note to self: one-half (1/2) cup ≠ one (1) cup
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yay christmas! feeling lazy again, sorry.

in other news, the sandman is the best ever. parents slightly foncused as to why i am reading comic books, but i figure this is counteracted by the fact that i am reading paradise lost at the same time. (on book 10. 2 more to go!)

really, i'm just super cool.

will be in south carolina until new year's ish. will have my cell if anyone really wants to talk to me.

and in testimony to my very odd dreams, this is what marge's friend mike looks like with an afro-mullet:
lord of the afro-mullet! )


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