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And thus began the Battle of the Rogue Rhododendron. )

In other news

- I got a new job! Well, technically, I got ANOTHER job. I get to review Shakespeare plays! Big Grandmother apparently does not approve:

- By way of Katherine: welcome to Oregon, where the beaches will fucking kill you.

- American Gods is being turned into a tv show!

Good: produced by HBO, Tom Hanks, and Neil himself, and will have an actual budget!

Weird: "six seasons, each [...] of 10-12, [sic] hour-long episodes". Sixty episodes? I don't think American Gods even has that many chapters.

- I'm going to see LotR: FotR: Extended Edition in theaters tonight!

Which leads us to:

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 2: Your Favorite Character

"I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend..."

<3 <3 <3 ~*~*~*~Faramir~*~*~*~ <3 <3 <3

It was hard to pick just one, but Faramir wins because he stands for a whole archetype of my favorite characters: the badass pragmatist who is nevertheless a (not-so-secret) idealist underneath. Whether they are staring down a Nazgûl, blowing up the Pegasus, or dropping a mountain on an invading demon army, my favorite characters cradle their honor close to their hearts. It's a lot easier to hit the bad guys with, that way.

(You can expect a lot of fist-shaking when I go see The Two Towers next week.)
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I was SUPPOSED to see the broadcast of Frankenstein today, but a CERTAIN NAMELESS SOMEONE (whose NAME rhymes with SCHMIRSTIN) OVERSLEPT, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AFTER NOON, and we ended up being late. So we saw Jane Eyre instead.

My layabout sister said it best: it's a good movie and a decent adaptation. ) It wasn't my version of Jane Eyre, but it was a respectable showing nevertheless.
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Last night, we went to see my cousin in the MTS production of The Thirteenth Chair. It's not a bad story -- a locked room mystery where the man holding a seance to find out who murdered his friend gets murdered himself while the lights are out, and the medium has to figure out whodunnit to clear her daughter -- but the execution was TERRIBLE. (Err, writing-wise, not acting-wise. Err, well, my COUSIN was good, anyway.)

Some tips for mystery writing:

-- Suspects: you should have more than one. And you can't just TELL us someone is a suspect without any evidence to that end. It's no good having a red herring if they couldn't possibly have done it!

-- Motives: suspects should have them. Also, you should inform the audience that the suspects have them, oh, before they actually confess.

-- Plotting: it's generally nice to let the audience know what's going on -- for example, revealing how a character knew what happened in a scene he wasn't present for, or how the murderer killed someone when they were allegedly unable to move. In fact, revealing information in general at a steady rate, as opposed to having the last two acts devoted to "Youdunnit!" "Nuh uh!" and infodumping at the very end to explain everything IN RETROSPECT.

-- Mystery Science Theater 3000: technically not the playwrite's fault, but The Dead Talk Back is totally ripped off from this play, which didn't really help with the quality control.

-- The butler: he should have done it, dammit. He had access to the locked room, freedom to move at the time of the murder, a motive, AND an ominous scene with a protagonist! This is four times as much evidence as we were provided for the actual murderer.

EXTRA CREDIT: Read The Thirteenth Chair on Project Gutenberg. In how many ways does this play go wrong? What would you do to fix it?
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In case you haven't heard, there was a terrible earthquake in Haiti. Donate to the Red Cross by text message.

My parents flew out this morning to Hawaii (incidentally hiding my car keys before they went). Bitter? A tad.

Anyways, I started rereading the Earthsea books!

Come and listen to a story about a man named Ged / A powerful mage, who went and tried to raise the dead, / A pissing contest to soothe his wounded pride, / But out through the veil, something from the other side. / Gebbeth, that is! Black wraith, shadow of death. )

Gender!FAIL aside, I definitely still like the first book. It reminded me a lot of Patricia McKillip's Riddlemaster Trilogy (well, technically it would be the other way around), which I definitely recommend for reasons of less gender!FAIL, and also, AWESOME.

I'll leave you with this quote. Lulz were had. :D

"Sparkweed," said Jasper. "They grow where the wind dropped the ashes of burning Ilien, when Erreth-Akbe defended the Inward Isles from the Firelord" (43).
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Thanksgiving was very excellent this year. At the family party, I got to play with tiny cousins-once-removed, and then Kirstin and I maintained our three-year-running championship of Pictionary! Also spent a lot of time in the pubs in Phoenixville and got to hang out with Meg and Sproat, so hurrah.

Anyways, it's that time of the year again!


A) 40,000 - 49,999 words (Dave hardly failed at all!)
B) 30,000 - 39,999 words (A respectable showing!)
C) 20,000 - 29,999 words (Hey, National Novella Writing Month still can be abbreviated NaNoWriMo)
D) 10,000 - 19,999 words (National Short Story Month, not so much)
E) 1 - 9,999 words (Dave wins at National What the Hell Was That, a Sneeze? Month!)

HINT: So far I've written 52.5 pages in my trusty 6" x 9.5" eco-friendly one subject. If you guess correctly, I will give you an internet cookie!

Last year I came in at about 12K; I'm hoping to break 15K this year but who knows. Set the bar low and you can only be pleasantly surprised, that's my motto.
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Earlier this morning...

DAVE: ::on phone:: Mom, is the 'Check Engine' light supposed to be on?
MATER: Oh, it's okay, it came on the other day.
DAVE: Is it supposed to smell like exhaust in here?
MATER: Huh, that's new. Make sure you crack a window!
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So, Christmas! I am typing this on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, because the first HAL 9000 decided not to recognize my USB ports or, you know, open the pod-bay doors. So say hello to the HAL 9000 Mk. 2! (Other presents of note include Torchwood Series 2, because apparently my sister was overcome by a fit of madness. So now I can resume chronicling the epic fail legally! Woohoo?)

Christmas has been nice, albeit much more low-key than usual this year. We only had a handful of people at our family Christmas party this year (and by handful, I mean 15), which was also more somber than its wont, and the traditional trek down to SC on my dad's side of the family is also unusually sparse, since my parents decided to go to Cleveland to see my brother, and my aunt and cousin are mysterious MIA.

Of course, this might have been the wiser move (well, not going to Cleveland, that's never a wise move) because they are doing beach reconstruction in Myrtle Beach RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FRIGGIN' HOTEL. Seriously, who was all "Yes, let's have oil rig-type monstrosities floating offshore, backhoes running through the night, and giant pipes spewing wet sand all over the place right in the middle of the holiday season, when travel is already down because the economy is crap!"? And we've had a couple really nice days, too, which are harder to enjoy when the entrances to the beach are blocked off with yellow tape and you have to walk around an enormous pile of suspicious sand covered in seagulls and the aforementioned giant pipe. I mean, I went around them anyway, but it's the principle of the thing.

However, I did get to see the ever-awesome Natasha, and we ate delicious Thai food (eventually) and watched Robin Hood and SPooN and this amazingly bad movie called The Lady and the Highwayman, starring wee!Hugh Grant as the titular highwayman who is basically a one-man secret service for Charles II, and the true love of his cousin who he met once for about five minutes. At least, I think that's the plot, because it was kind of hard to tell. As Crow T. Robot once famously said, "You know, it's much more economical for this movie not to have a plot. That was you can just film people saying things!" However, there was quite a lot of curly hair, costumes jacked from Richard Lester's Three/Four Musketeers, and Hugh Grant's inability to remain awake for his lines. Maybe the fearsome weight of his curly bouffant mullet lulled him to sleep, I don't know.

In other exciting news, I have pretty much finished editing my Nano story! I will post it as soon as min sweoster ever gets around to giving me constructive criticism. Or until I get annoyed with waiting for her, whichever comes first. So soon!

And finally, I shall be in DC for New Year's! Assuming our trip up 95 is not as failtastic as our trip down, anyway. In conclusion: huzzah!
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I have returned from the folk fest! Lots of awesome bands this year, including fellow West Chestrians Hoots and Hellmouth, Judy Collins and Janis Ian from the old folk vanguard, Great Big Sea, and of course Tempest, who have further choreographed their signature "stand in a line and take one step to the left" move to "stand in a line, take one step to the left, spin around, shake butt, face audience and resume wandering around stage". Also, the double-necked electric mandolin will never stop being amusing. Rock on, dudes. Got a bunch of new CDs too, including Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar's last release, which so far seems very mellow.

I may have also saved my cousin from the grip of bad literature, since after she mentioned that she liked the Twilight series a lot, I gave her my copy of Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which is far superior and contains 100% less sparkle and 100% more cinnamon buns. So everyone else should read it too, in case you feel the need to indulge in vicarious vampirism but aren't, you know, TOTALLY LAME.

Walking around on steep hills all weekend did nothing for my ankles, and my right one started hurting AGAIN. Alas. Also, my family has abandoned me to take Kurt to Cleveland while I must toil and drudge at work, although admittedly the alternative would be to also go to Cleveland, and I'm sure you can see the flaw in that plan. However, the fact remains that we don't really have any food in the house. Curses.

Because I clearly have not had enough unintentional entertainment in my life (or EPIC FAIL as the case may be), I started watching the BBC's Robin Hood solely on the premise that it looked amusing in its badness. It turns out that I was entirely correct, and Robin Hood is in fact hilarious, sometimes on purpose. It's pretty much The Mummy of television, to the point where I would not actually be surprised if an evil undead mummy turned up and started terrorizing Sherwood.


In conclusion: Robin Hood wears a hoodie.
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Wow, the auto draft saving thing on LJ is HARDCORE. Check out my aborted entry from a couple weeks ago!

Timely updates are for LOSERS )

I've read almost a third of these! I feel special.

This weekend was Family Weekend, so I got to see Mom and Dad and Kirstin. Also, Kurt called me at 2:30 in the morning because he was homesick. Unfortunately, I was asleep, but hopefully my confused mumblings provided some comfort.

Also, I have sesamoiditis. Apparently the treatment is taking lots of ibuprofen, icing my foot, and using a metatarsal pad. I have so far achieved exactly two of these things!

Today's Update

In other news, I have been very busy. (I almost wrote 'busty', which is also technically true.) The weekend before last was fall break, so we went to Myrtle Beach and stayed in Natasha's condo. I did a lot of reading for fun and accomplished no work, but I regret NOTHING! Except a certain lack of sleep.

I took the GREs on Saturday and totally bombed the Qualitative section. It turns out it's hard to do high school math if you haven't actually done any math since high school. Also, I was led astray by my (technically the B&N's) practice book, which had deceptively easy math. So I am probably in the 4th percentile, because math already has ridiculously high percentiles. When combined with my insanely high Verbal score, I appear to be some kind of idiot savant.

Seriously, I did better on the math section on the SAT in 7TH GRADE. I hadn't even LEARNED math at that point.

My parents have failed at buying metatarsal pads for my foot and also transferring money to my bank account, which makes me sad. Also, my foot hurts and I have $5.74 to my name. I'm not actually kidding.

I am going home this weekend! Kirstin is being forced to go to Villa's All-Class Reunion, and is in turn forcing me to go too. Naturally, it is homecoming weekend and everyone is beginning to list all the fun things they will be doing without me. However, it will be nice to go home, especially since I need to do laundry.

In conclusion: This is the most fun and socially conscious vocab quiz ever.
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I just might be the world's slowest packer. Also, Kirstin is the world's most unhelpful sister when it comes to packing, as she 1) failed to do any of my laundry when I was in Cleveland and 2) spent the entire day reading PotC fanfic instead of helping me. Now she is drawing stick figures of fictional people on my list of things to pack, which is still not helpful but is at least amusing.

In repacking my stuff from last year, I discovered unpleasant honors' thesis information to the effect that apparently I was supposed to do a lot of stuff last April. Unless I wasn't, since I was out of the country, and the info packet was very vague on the exact procedures for students studying abroad. However, it is not as vague as the William and Mary website, which has NOTHING AT ALL (or at least nothing that turned up in a search last spring) regarding English Honors' Theses. I would say applying for a thesis is probably more stressful than actually writing one, except that I know my skills at procrastination would laugh at such a statement, assuming they are anthropomorphic.

Anyways, off to finish packing.
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My sister just called me, completely enraged, to tell me I am the world's biggest bum because I am going to a party instead of the premiere of Stardust. My family is too cool for school.

Anyways, Disney World was fun! It was really hot though, and one day it rained so hard we just gave up on being dry and spent the entire time completely soaked (this was the one time I was glad that it was hot). Also, an inordinate time of our television watching was devoted to Hannah Montana, because Kurt has a PROBLEM. He also lost his Blackberry. I, however, found a fastpass for Expedition Everest and went on the rollercoaster again while he and Kirstin reported it to the staff. It's probably karma. Also, I am now the proud owner of a piratical Mickey Mouse ears.

1. Rockin' Rollercoaster (or possibly the Rock and Rollercoaster)
2. Splash and
3. Space Mountains
4. Dinosaur
5. Expedition Everest

4/5 of these are rollercoasters, which should tell you something about my thrillseeking profile.

1. The Great Movie Ride -- seriously, this ride sucks out loud, and we had an über-fake perky tour guide, which made it even worse.

Speaking of lame, I now am, in the traditional sense. I think I've like, stress fractured the ball of my right foot or something from walking around so much. It's getting slightly better, but if it hasn't improved by Monday I'm going to get it looked at. Also, it is annoying because it hurts to drive. Unexpected Bonus: Kurt has had to drive us in to school, and since the Crown Vic has no gas, we've had to use the Loser Cruiser, which Kurt detests. Hehehehe.

I got paid today! I got a raise in July, and have calculated that, working 8-hour days, I would make $6.66/hr. Awesome.

Finally, I had a dream the other night where I explained to my sister the relationship between the Quest del saint graal and La Morte D'Arthur. I can now officially say I can explain Arthuriana in my sleep (I can recite the Latin first declension endings while somnolent, as well). This is what happens when you work hard, people.

And then I had a dream where Natasha and I were taking another Religious Studies class together, but we kept getting interrupted by dragons.

IN CONCLUSION: 1) Disney totally lies when they say Disney World is the place where dreams come true, because I still can't fly; 2) Given the rest of my dreams, this may be a good thing.
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Put your playlist on shuffle and post a line or two from the first 25 (seriously, who has that much time on their hands?) 10 songs that come up. See if your friends can guess what they are. No Googling!

Look, a meme! Catch it before it gets away! )

In conclusion, I have... eclectic music tastes. To say the least.

This weekend was entertaining. Saturday I went from eating an enormous dinner, and an enormous cake, to partaying at Meg Feeney's house. There was a hot tub. It was awesome, if only because Katie Collins got totally bombed and said things previously filed on my list of "10 Things I'll Never Hear Katie Collins Say". It was nice to see the Villa gang, and amusing to see them drunk.

Then I got up early the next morning so I could go to NYC with the Kirstin, where we binged on Veronica Mars and wandered around Prospect Park instead of packing her stuff. Today, we finally packed up her DVDs and books (well, at least half of them, anyway) and got stuck in traffic. Also, she tried to abandon me at the Molly Pitcher rest area in New Jersey.

I updated my albums on Facebook, finally. You can look at pictures of Venice now! I spent a lot of time googling so I could figure out exactly what I took pictures of, since we didn't have a guidebook or map, and basically wandered around lost the entire first day, which, aside from water-taxi, is the main mode of transport in Venice.

Finally, I found Evil Pictograms! It only took, oh, 6 years to search the internet for them.

ETA: Answers for the meme! )
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Hehehe, I have stolen Dave's computer and now I am posting illicitly in her livejournal! Mwhahahaha!

Anyway, Dave is a fiendish stealer of awesome-ness and also she looks funny because her nose is on backwards.

This post brought to you by the letter Q for quirky and the number 3.14159. . . for pi.

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In a tragic turn of events, my iPod seems to be terminally ill and rapidly declining. I blame Kurt. Not just because he is to blame for everything, but because his iPod recently exploded into a fiery ball of shrapnel visible from space, and my iPod was fine until I charged it on our computer this morning, which just so happened to be logged into his account, and which activated his iTunes. Coincidence? I think not.


I am also somewhat concerned that Kurt (Kurtis for short) is on his third episode of Hannah Montana and shows no signs of stopping. Why?
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I keep meaning to post photos, but there are so many! That will come next.

First off, a meme! Guess the TV show via the plot keywords. They're a bit random.

1. Slacker / Far Future / Alien Love -- Red Dwarf! Guessed by Meera and Marge
2. Terrorism / Radiation / Moral Ambiguity -- BSG! Guessed by Meera and Marge
3. Breaking the Fourth Wall / Madness / Epic
4. Nurse / Death / Interracial Couple
5. Anatomy / Office / Sarcasm -- House! Guessed by Meera and Marge
6. Suspense / Brother / Baby -- SPooN! Guessed by Meera and Marge
7. Fish Out of Water / Eccentricity / Telephone Box -- Doctor Who! Guessed by Meera
8. Steampunk / Wit / Warrior Woman
9. Friendship / Drag / Dramadey
10. Running Gag / Part Animated / Madness

Also, I wrote a poem! We were supposed to write one for a particular age group of children. Mine is supposed to be for middle school (which is when I read Jabberwocky) but I don't actually know if I succeeded.

The Ballad of the Jabberwock Hunter )

In conclusion: Kirstin might work for Villa. WHAT.
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This is what happens when I talk to people late at night.

Much like Procrastination is the thief of time, Kirstin is the thief of socks. Also, SPooN and its relation to Star Wars. )
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...why is my brother watching 13 Going On 30 of his own volition?

So, it turns out there's nothing like driving to work in the morning listening to reports of renegade school buses on the radio, then pulling into the parking lot of the high school where you are gainfully employed and attempting to park in your spot right next to the bus lane. It's almost as much fun as staying up until 2:30 AM to write a story about zombies rampaging through a house, and then having to go upstairs in the dark alone. Yup.

I got a new phone yesterday! It is shiny and black and flippy and basically the same size as my old phone, which entertains me somewhat, as that one is 3 years, 6 months, and... 7 days old. It was retro! Hopefully this one will last as long.

I celebrated MLK day by hanging out with the lovely Laura. She was intrigued by SPooN, so we watched an episode, but she concluded that such a show was too much for her nerves, alas. I think she and Katherine should start a Facebook group entitled "I don't actually watch Supernatural but I've heard that it's awesome." You can be SPooN groupies! Dooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiit. Anyways, then we watched Sharpe's Rifles because Sean Bean is the awesome. "Chosen men, eh? Well, I didn't choose you." Possibly the best part of owning a Sharpe movie on DVD is that I get the awesome introduction. "I don't know where he is now, but he'll always be in my heart." Genius.

Speaking of SPooN, I had a dream last night where Ash was playing the guitar for a small adorable child. ????? Then I had to save the world from some deadly spore released by a disgruntled employee. There also might have been a part that was like a cross between "Heroes" and Harry Potter. Possibly I am watching too much television.

In conclusion, I think I am going to visit school next week! I'll probably get there on Monday and stay until Thursday, when my dad will pick me up and also bring down the refrigerator. Huzzah! Meera, if you are still alive, when are you coming down? Cause you should do that. And also not be dead.
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...On Vacation! )

So, in all my copious free time, I read a book by Mary Shelley. You know, that chick who wrote Frankenstein.

The Last Man: A Summary )

Last weekend was fun. Kirstin came home for my parents' anniversary and yelled at the World Cup a lot. She also gave me more House and made me watch Supernatural, which I shall henceforward refer to as "spoon" (SPooN, if you like; if CHiPs can do it, so can I), because it annoys her. It's a pretty awesome show.

Finally, yesterday my dad decided to do some family bonding by making me hold the ladder while he tried to toss decomposing leaf manure on my head, a process also known to the uninitiated as "cleaning the gutters". An excerpt:

Me: Ok, dad, make sure you chuck it to the right, away from me.
Dad: ::throws huge wet smelly wad of leaves to left::

In other exciting news, I think the road trip is definitely going to be 7/21-23. I shall call everyone and harass you about it today.


Apr. 29th, 2006 12:49 pm
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i have hijacked dave's livejournal. fear me, for i am ev0l! she is playing a guitar with strings that are older than she is. it is badly out of tune and sounds rather. . . special. like dave. she is special.

anyway, i am having trouble typing because of my brain damage, so i'm going to go to staples now.



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