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So. "The Muppets Daleks Angels Take Manhattan". Read more... )
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NEXT WEEK: Previously on Red Dwarf...
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Most ambivalent present ever?

The good news: Doctor Who Series 7 starts filming on my birthday!



Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:08 pm
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Via Laura:


KATHERINE: I don't understand why you are confused...makes perfect sense to me

DAVE: ...

KATHERINE: clearly it is a metaphor for the antelope-headed demon inside all of us


KATHERINE: the bees are a metaphor for the identity-less workers of our society

DAVE: and the hair?

KATHERINE: the mask all of us hide our true feelings behind

DAVE:'s all becoming clear...
or maybe i've just gone insane from the dance number

now that...i can't explain
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Can I officially make him my nemesis? Because I'm pretty certain he stands against all that is good in the world. Or at least, in writing.

Doctor Who: Cold Blood )
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Saw Iron Man 2 last night! I liked it! )

Today we went to my cousin's graduation, where we all got promptly sunburned because they said it was supposed to be gray and rainy. LIES.

And then we watched Doctor Who! Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice )
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So I liked the two-parter! Nevertheless, this is mostly complaining, hah.

Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone )
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These pictures are coooooooooooooooool.

From Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle, aka awesome photos from the Hubble (NYT).

Top Ten Space Pictures: the Best of 2009, aka "Well, OF space and FROM space are basically the same, right? I mean, they all look pretty sweet." (Nat Geo)

As thanks to Laura for that second link, I made her a picture:

Warning: contains bad photoshop )

And then she sent me video WIN!

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LJ 2009 in Review Meme!

January: Yeah, I really have to stop being so mean to Alice.
February: So, casting for the upcoming Avatar movie has basically been a whole load of white-washing racial FAIL headdeskery.
March: So, Courtney and I were discussing how fandom has basically operated the same way for the past several millenia, and the comparison between the monks who wrote Arthurian Grail quests and the Old School Who fans came up, leading to... OUTPOST CAMELOT.
May: So, during the copious free time that accounts for much of my working day, I stumbled across the following articles on the reading habits of young wimmins, which set me a-ponderin' (and apparently turned me into a grizzled old prospector).
June: RIP David Eddings :(
July: I'm going out. I may be some time.
August: "It was an oversight not to have bought a small cowbell to tie next to me on this rope, for its sound would let you know that I was still descending and still alive; but since that is no longer possible, may the hand of God guide me" (602).
October: Retirement plan
Something which I will not need
For many years now

November: [Invisible Jesus] ...hates you, apparently.
December: P&P&Z: The Miniseries! HUZZAH.

So, I see I haven't managed to start my entries with something other than "so".

New Year's Eve, with David's Zombie New Year party, was awesome; New Year's Day less so, due to an unfortunate confluence of events best represented by the tasteful and understated stylings of Monty Python*.

* Tasteful and understated -- that's what TMI stands for, right?

Anyways, there was new Doctor Who! Less special than last week, but still pretty darn special.

Doctor Who Wars: Episode 2: First Impressions: The Wrath of Khan Strikes Back )
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Watched new Who! It was really special.

Reaction largely stolen from my email to Courtney, because I am lazy )
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So, Big Grandmother strikes again!

Have some cool links:

- Have you ever thought, "Gosh, I want to make some pizza dough, but all I have is flour, baking powder, and beer"? Well, fear not!

- This article had me at the title: 'New Moon' Exclusive: Which of Robert Pattinson's co-stars does he find the most difficult? His hair.

"I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance." -- Explains a lot, really.

- Detailed and amusing re-caps/commentary on the first 6 books of WoT. Extremely convenient if you want to read the new book, but haven't read the rest of the series, uh, 4 years, and now have no idea who anyone is, where they are, or what they're doing.

- ETA: My friend Melissa (who you may recognize as "random girl in that one dance scene in The Village") is in a contest to get a Doritos commercial aired at the Superbowl! It's actually pretty funny, so you should go watch it (make sure you hit "skip intro"). And then you should view it daily, since it only tracks which computers view it one day at a time, and she needs 1500 views.

- ETA ETA: Pride and Prejudice and Emoticons

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars )

- You know what would have been an even cooler idea? "Doctor Who: The Water Ice of Mars", wherein the Doctor battles a sinister alien threat transmitted through the astronauts' dessert.
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So, once upon a time, I decided to help out the cross-section of my friends who 1) watched Doctor Who and 2) had actual standards like "not sucking" for what TV shows they watched by recapping Torchwood Series One. (For those who haven't been paying attention, or who repressed all memories of s1 after watching "Cyberwoman", Torchwood chronicles the exploits of Captain Jack Harkness -- lady's man, man's man, man about town -- and his team, whose job of "tracking down alien life on Earth" and "arming the human race against the future" while monitoring the Rift in time and space that runs through Cardiff somehow translates to "making poor life choices" and "unleashing alien terror upon the unsuspecting populace" with upsetting regularity.)

I was going to stop there, for lo, I beheld Series Two and thought it awesome. Which it is, to be sure, but upon closer examination, I determined that this was not because Torchwood stopped failing, but because it started winning enough to counteract the FAIL that still lurked beneath the surface as stealthily as Torchwood themselves -- in other words, not very. And so, dear readers, Torchwood: EPIC FAIL will return... in THUNDERBALL! at some point, hopefully before the new series comes out! And since that's apparently not until THE SUMMER WTF I suspect that probability is in my favor!

Of course, part of Torchwood's... charm is that fairly critical backstory likes to happen in other shows, whereupon it is vaguely alluded to but not actually explained on Torchwood itself. (I have thus been forced to speculate that Torchwood may actually be allergic to backstory, and its appearance will cause the entire show to go into shock which explains the s2 finale.)

This being the case, I feel obligated to recap the Doctor Who Series Three finale for completeness' sake, since it has Torchwood backstory up the wazoo. (Not literally.)

(I hope.)

So, please enjoy this brief interruption to your irregularly scheduled programming!

Previously on Doctor Who... )

The Torchwood: EPIC FAIL Project Table o' Contents!
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Bad news: ...Chris Chibnall is writing it.

Helpful linkety thing

I have a better solution: why don't we put them BOTH on Doctor Who? They can totally fight crime there. APOLLO/MARTHA 4EVA.
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So, the latest episode of Doctor Who was made of 100% AWESOME, except for the bit where they mysteriously blah blah blah spoilers, in any case they decided to forgo a normal sounding soundtrack in favor of ) SURF MUSIC, which means I 1) kept shouting "WIPEOUT!" at inappropriate moments, and 2) now have that surf song stuck in my head, you know, that one, which after exhaustive internet research I now know to be "Misirlou".

There was also a bit where the Doctor stared sadly into space to the accompaniment of SPAGHETTI WESTERN MUSIC, which was nearly as random as the time it started playing in the UC. Clearly, Murray Gold has been watching too much Torchwood Series One and has been infected with its musical FAIL.
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Subject line courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Overload at the Memory Bank. Heh. Maybe that should be my new tag.

Anyways, it is time to unveil a brand spiffy new icon! )

Babble about Doctor Who )

We are waiting for Kurt's friend to pick him up so we can go get dinner, and then I can go to Mal's for a margarita partay! Whooo! It was supposed to be a pool partay, but OF COURSE the hot, sticky weather we've had all week had to turn into cool, sticky weather with rain. BOOOOOOOOOO. At least the margaritas will still be tasty.

In conclusion: Someone called work today and asked about "Coast Guard Training Lessons". Um, what the HELL were you thinking? Seriously.
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Man, I have to white-out names from approximately one thousand* pages of paper, and all I get from the stupid white-out fumes is a headache. You'd think there would be purple sparkly spiders crawling on me by now.

On the plus side, I did get to watch Doctor Who while completely failing to get high. Babble about Doctor Who, Series 1 )

Anyways, sometimes menial labor has its benefits. And Maria said I could cop out at 2:30, which is awesome.

For some reason, I am completely unable to perform lj-cuts without accidentally writing "lj-cute text" the first time round.

Bad Name o' the Day

Today's bad name is SKYE BLUE. Congratulations, Skye! Your parents have doomed you to be a walking pun, or play on words!

* seriously. not exaggerating.
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So this weekend (Friday/Saturday), ASE had pretty much the awesome trip ever. For a given value of awesome, anyway. But I was vastly entertained the whole time, which is what really matters.

Anyways, on Friday, we go to Dartmoor, which, as you might have guessed from the name, is a moor. A really big one. As I learned on my power-walk through the moors by Haworth (Brontë territory), going through them can be quite a hike. It wasn't too bad until we get to the top of one hill, and Andy, one of our staff (an assistant dean of something), makes us all turn around, because we were going the wrong way. And then we walk down a hill.

A really, really, steep hill.

Seriously, really steep.

And it was really big, too.

By this point, we are definitely by someone's sheep farm, and have begun to tramp through what can only be described as the dumping grounds for sheep and pony manure. I don't know if they've been trained to go there or what, but it was kinda gross. We finally demand an explanation for Andy, who claims that someone moved the signs, and that we just need to go over another hill and down to the village, and that incidentally, we've added an extra 1.5 miles to our hike.

Then we proceeded to walk UP a hill.

A really, really, steep hill.

This basically sucked beyond all reason. Like, I was literally afraid my muscles would STOP WORKING, because it was so difficult going up.

Eventually, we got to the top of that hill, where they informed us that the village was only two miles away. Since there were so many of us, by the time we all reached the top, the group who got there first was all rarin' to go, so the tail-enders rebelled and waited for Andy, who had somehow manage to get at the VERY back.

We got to the village eventually (after our 6 mile hike, or so), and went to Exeter, which is where our hostel was. We had the entire place to ourselves, which was pretty awesome. After dinner, Jonathan (another assistant dean of something) offered to lead us to the pub he liked when he was in uni, and which was "15 minutes" away. So, we walk, and we come to this path which stretches through some pasture-looking lands. I would like to point out that by this time, dusk was almost gone, and it was foggy.

Naturally, Jonathan decides we should go through the pastures.

So, we walk for quite some time, and periodically Jonathan would leave the path, wander over to the fence, and look at a tree, or possibly for some signs of civilization. Meanwhile, we are making lots of cracks about the movie The Fog, about which I am completely unfamiliar, aside from the line from MST 3K: Pod People: "Even the movie The Fog didn't have this much fog!" Also, Claire (another staff member) told us about this bizarre commercial where cows start stalking people because they want their milk back. This will be important later.

FINALLY, we see lights, and they eventually reveal themselves to be the pub.

On the other side of a fence.

A fence that is on the top of a 5-foot drop off, of which we are at the bottom.

So, we continue onwards, because I noticed there was a road up ahead which we would probably run into. We're almost there, when we see some cows next to the path.

Then we see a HERD of cows ON the path.

At this point, we are now faced with a dilemma: do we turn back, and retrace our journey of the previous 20 minutes, or kind of wade through the cows and hope we don't get trampled?

Naturally, Jonathan picked option B, proving the extraordinary lengths the British will go to to get beer. The cows began fleeing from us, probably because we ourselves were in a herd, and also because our herd apparently contained complete DUMBASSES who thought it would be a good idea to take FLASH PICTURES of a FUCKING HERD OF COWS WHILE WE WERE WALKING THROUGH IT. Unfortunately, they were not trampled. However, no one else was either, (and they didn't ambush us to take their milk back,) and we finally got to the pub.

It had a lot of outdoor seating next to the canal, which did not have a railing, so we wondered how many drunk people they had to fish out. They definitely had a life-saver right by our table, and I supposed they had those big poles people use to clean their swimming pools. No one fell in, though, so we never got a chance to test it out, which was for the best, I suppose.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. I like scrumpy. It was a lot easier getting home along the proper path, which was remarkably free of farm animals of any sort.

Today (well, technically yesterday now) we went to Covelly, which is this historic visit on ANOTHER fucking steep slope that goes down to the see. Like, so steep that they don't have motor vehicles, so everything is pulled on sledges, occasionally with the help of donkeys. Apparently, the people of Great Britain have not mastered the art of switchbacks. The beach was very rocky and cool. They had delicious ice cream. I took lots of pictures that I will eventually share, probably in July at the rate I am going.

Then we went to Knightshayes, which is a 19th century Gothic house. This was notable mainly for its gardens, where we played with Jonathan's frisbee in what started out as a Prior Park catch, but eventually evolved into throwing the frisbee at four of the guys, and watching them fight like puppies to get it. It was pretty much the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. An added bonus was that I kept waiting for them to all disappear over the edge of the haha, but it turns out Jonathan is actually an Ultimate Frisbee champion (for serious!) and never threw it that far, alas.

We got home and I watched Doctor Who on TV! Huzzah! Our 4 channels actually can be entertaining! Babble about Doctor Who )

In conclusion: Captain Panaka was in this episode! Awesome.

Then I watched SPooN. 'But how can they hear the chanting in hell?' )

In conclusion: Dean eating things will never stop being funny. Especially when they are mini cheese steaks.

In other news, I did my reading for the week today, and thus read Carmilla. I assumed, when my professor said it was about "lesbian vampires", that this was mainly symbolic, since, you know, Victorians.

Not so much. It's BLATANTLY about lesbian vampires. It was pretty awesome. Also, I got to write "Most vampire lore is crap" in the margins, AND there was a character who was totally John Winchester. And I am convinced the heroine became a vampire slayer afterwards. Carmilla pretty much wins at Undeath.

Now I must go to bed, but the internet has gone away, so I will probably post this in the morning. And then I will disappear into a paper-writing oblivion, because I still have 2 more to go for this week, alas.
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Guess what I'm doing!

If you said "Watching Doctor Who at work", you would be totally correct! I may have to spend three hours sorting mail, but sometimes work is awesome.

Quote o' the Day:

"Fortunately, I saved my alternate universe manual from college and--"

"You went to college?"

"Well, actually it was more of a Vo-Tech, but still..."

-MST 3K, "The Last of the Wild Horses". I don't know why I find this funny. It's probably because I give people the number for UD's vo-tech all the time. Also, I wish I had an alternate universe manual.

I am proud to announce that my icon is inaccurate! I actually haven't read Tolkien in over 5 minutes.


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