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1) Disney Adapting Mort

Given that a) Mort was never my favorite Discworld book so I don't care if they change it, b) any standard Disney plot + Death = INSTANT HILARITY, c) they DID manage to make The Emperor's New Groove, clearly SOMEONE understands how bizarre and parodic humor works, and d) at least it will LOOK awesome, I AM SUPER EXCITED.

2) Star Wars: The Saga Continues... As an Actual Icelandic Saga

Star Wars! Old Norse! What more do you need.

3) Speaking of Star Wars: Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters!

4) Hipster Hitler

aka Godwin's Law: the Webcomic

"Goebbels, you deutschbag, this is Arial! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

(My favorite are his t-shirts.)


6) Now you, too, can be part of the culture of death!

"Machine of Death is an upcoming published anthology of short stories edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !, inspired by this episode of Ryan’s Dinosaur Comics." Also featuring internet superstars like Randall Munroe and Kate Beaton and much, much more!

You can buy it on Amazon, or download it as a free e-book or podcast! More info here.
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Is there anything cooler than the Voynich Manuscript? I don't think so. It's a fifteenth- or sixteenth-century MS, author unknown, written in an unidentifiable language or code, with an unidentifiable alphabet. It seems to be addressing common medieval topics, like herbology and alchemy and astrology, except no one can recognize any of the plants, it doesn't use the universal alchemical symbols, and the star charts are mostly indecipherable.

The easiest solution would be to dismiss it as a hoax, except if so it's WAY more elaborate than all the other hoaxes of the time. Also, statistical analysis of characters/words show similar patterns to natural languages, way more than you'd find if it was made-up nonsense. If it's a code, it's been unbreakable for the past one hundred years.

XKCD has a theory, of course, but looking at the script...

That's not a translation, just the transcription used to put it in the Latin alphabet.

...I think the most likely explanation is that Tolkien found a time machine and decided to dick with all of us.
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So, yesterday Courtney and I were discussing how there needs to be Shakespeare IN SPACE! And then we came up with the BEST MOVIE IDEA EVER.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a Jedi )

[Edited slightly, so it looks like we know how to spell.]

In other awesome news, Lost in Translation is way too much fun. Basically, it generates instant Engrish by running a phrase through Babelfish several times. Hilarity ensues.

In keeping with our Star Wars/Jane Austen theme, here are some examples!

I've always thought 'The Type of Fights Arrests the First Paper' was George Lucas' best work )

In the Work of Jennie They Austen )

It's easy to see why she's a classic.
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How many syllables do the following words have?

1. fear
2. feel
3. fill
4. fair
5. fail
6. fell
7. pal
8. furl
9. poor
10. fool
11. full
12. four
13. sole
14. fall
15. fire
16. file
17. flour
18. foul
19. foil
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It's an 'I talk funny!' meme! )

Quote o' the Day:

Overheard in the Marketplace...

Girl 1: ...pyrotechnic pirates.
Girl 2: Yes, in an outer space environment.
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So, my fellow Pennsylvanians:

How similar is your pronounciation for "writer" and "rider"?

Specifically, how similar (or not) is the vowel sound in the first syllable?

Everyone else who is sadly not from PA can answer too.

< /linguistics fun >
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So, I have a question. When you guys say words like "suit" and "cat" and "boat" and other words that end in t, do you actually pronounce the t (like if you were saying "tuh" or articulating notes on an instrument, where the air flow continues) or does your tongue just stop on the roof of your mouth, cutting off the airstream?

also, a meme )
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Dear George Yule,

When I grow up, I want to write insane textbooks just like you.

The Study of Language )
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my right-thinking pennsylvanian comrades will probably wonder why i'm even bothering with this post.

some thoughts on water-ice )

now i am hungry. must study for english exam.


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