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...the hell?

"NBC [...] is busy developing a much larger-scale project with the help of Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore. The still-untitled drama is being described as “an adult Harry Potter set in a world ruled not by science but by magic[...]”




More BSG

Apr. 18th, 2009 08:11 pm
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So, this is pretty cool -- it's several SFF writers/consumers and what (if anything) they would have done differently for the finale. I was a bit "Really, Paul Cornell? REALLY?" but then again, he DOES write for a show who thought Discoball!Jesus was a good finale (not to mention writing an entire episode of Robin Hood based on the punch line of an Eric Clapton song).

BSG Finale

Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:07 am
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Warning: Contains Capslock )
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Bad news: ...Chris Chibnall is writing it.

Helpful linkety thing

I have a better solution: why don't we put them BOTH on Doctor Who? They can totally fight crime there. APOLLO/MARTHA 4EVA.
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So, apparently the trailer for HBP is out, but I can't watch it because my dad's computer lacks vital Quicktime components. Boo.

Anyway, people have apparently been complaining about this rather amusing picture:

The first question is, of course, "Why is Dumbledore's hede pastede on yay?" However, the second and more compelling question is "Why is Starbuck at Hogwarts?"
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After watching the end of season 3 of BSG, I am again filled with love! So I made icons.

He's a Tigh-rate )
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Reason #183 Why I Love Dinosaur Comics

Four words: Shakespeare vs. the Cylons.
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So, these past two weeks kind of sucked out loud. Week one, I had my 19th Century Women Novelists paper due, which even though I started three days before it was due -- THREE -- still had me up til 5:00 AM the night before it was due. However, thank God for time zone differences, because this meant I felt (relatively) unguilty about making Meera read it. And this past week, I had a 1500-2000 word essay due on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which meant that I started writing on Saturday and didn't stop until yesterday morning. Yeah. But now I don't have to worry about writing papers for another 5 weeks! Of course, then I have FOUR due in one week, but I'm choosing to ignore that for now.

In more entertaining school news, yesterday was the Ides of March, and we started reading Julius Caesar. Apparently, it wasn't on purpose. Heh. Also, tomorrow we leave for Oxford!

Kirstin got me a t-shirt that says "Saving people. Hunting things." for my birthday. She wins.

Speaking of Spoon... )

In conclusion, I found this on Maya's Livejournal and had to share:

This book reminded me of a dreadful TV show about Romantic Heroes, in which the opinion was expressed that every woman wanted to marry Heathcliff, Mr Rochester or Mr Darcy.

I took offence, both for myself and for my beloved Mr Darcy. I mean, can you imagine them all in a room together?

TV PRESENTER: Boys, would you like to talk about your interest and hobbies?
ROCHESTER: Well, there’s the compulsive lying. And then there’s the cross-dressing.
HEATHCLIFF: I enjoy long romantic walks on the moors-
TV PRESENTER: Oh, that’s nice!
HEATHCLIFF: And then I round off the day by hanging a puppy.
TV PRESENTER: So, do any of you have a special lady?
ROCHESTER: Well, I may have gotten the syph from my score of mistresses. And I have this illegitimate kid. And I do have a wife, but she’s crazy and in the care of a drunk, so that won’t stick.
HEATHCLIFF: Oh snap, I have a wife too! I beat her.
DARCY: I am as yet unmarried, madam.
TV PRESENTER: Thank God for that… So, uh, what would you consider your greatest, uh, fault?
ROCHESTER: Some narrow-minded fools frown on tricking defenceless girls into bigamy.
HEATHCLIFF: So I practise incestuous necrophilia. Don’t be a hater.
DARCY: Sometimes I’m a little judgemental. And aloof at parties.
TV PRESENTER: *hides behind Mr Darcy*



Mar. 6th, 2007 02:36 pm
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Haiku2 for shadydave
you like to have fun
life's too short to worry
so much you're funny
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for shadydave
mind that i am
just a receptionist odds
are i had a drink
Created by Grahame

Heroes )

I think I accidentally spoiled myself for BSG, and the sad thing is, I don't really care. Oh BSG. Where have your days of awesomeness gone?

I really don't want to continue write my 19th Century Women Novelists Paper. I've reached the word limit already, and I still need to finish talking about Wuthering Heights and START talking about Jane Eyre. And, you know, write an introduction and conclusion. And make it not suck. I hate that I started it 3 DAYS AGO, and I'm STILL not done writing it. It's very frustrating, and I'm starting to panic because I need to finish it and also The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, which, PS, is insane. I'd much rather bounce around in the sunshine with a goofy grin on my face, but alas, that is not an option.
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Clearly, Helo is not the only one on BSG who needs superpowers. They can start the Galactica Justice League!

ETA: Which spoon character am I? )

Heh. This is actually somewhat appropriate. "I have an evil twin?".

BSG 3.06

Nov. 5th, 2006 10:42 pm
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Apparently, this episode is called "Torn", which is unfortunate as it just makes me think of the Natalie Imbruglia song. Also, there wasn't very much tearing going on.

The illusion never changed into something real / I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is actually a Cylon projection )
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Important realization of the day: Anders on BSG is eerily similar to Kyan from QE.

This of course begs the question of how Starbuck's hair got as bad as it did...
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Today I returned to the workforce. I spent the entire day alphabetizing a box of papers for one of the counselors. I fell asleep. And I'm still not done, so THE FUN WILL CONTINUE.

Also, last night I had a dream that ended up with me playing soccer with Helo. So naturally, during all the alphabetization excitement I figured out what position everyone would play: The BSG Soccer Team )


Feb. 4th, 2006 03:02 pm
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I think that's all that needs to be said about that.

I actually went to the gym this morning with Meera and Alice and Galina (sp?). Check out me being all active and stuff. In other cool news, I hung out with the bestest Brittany EVER on Thursday, and discovered that Linguistics is so fun I don't mind looking like a total fool by wandering around talking to myself after class. Yay. I also made cookies for the Botetourts gala tonight, which resulted in me making a mad dash across campus to get them to Reves before 5:00 yesterday. Chocolate-dark chocolate-Macadamia nut. Yum.

The weather here is insanely warm. It went up to like, 68° yesterday. Crazy.

Ramblings about BSG. Don't read if you haven't seen the episode yet, especially if your name is Kirstin. )
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5 Guilty Pleasures Protected
The first player of this game starts with the topic of "5 Guilty Pleasures"* and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule clearly. In the end you need to choose people to be tagged and list their names.

I find this meme needlessly overcontrolling. Maybe I didn't want to state that rule clearly! In fact, if I had access to a latin dictionary, I would totally write it in Latin, because then would it not only be unclear to non-Latin speakers, it would probably be unclear to Latin speakers as well because I suspect my recall is atrocious!

And maybe I want to choose people to be tagged now! Or I would if anyone actually updated anymore who hasn't been tagged already! So there :}P*

I tag:
-[your name here]

My 5 Guilty Pleasures (Protected from what? I am foncused.)

1. Sci-fi television
2. fantasy novels
3. chocolate truffles (I almost wrote truggles. Weren't they in Math Blaster? Or maybe that was troggles.)
4. pirate coats
5. lj icons

In conclusion: I am really cool.

Excerpts from amusing BSG chat )



*Primus ludor illi ludi incipit thematem quinque indecorum delectationum... I'd do more but since I can't even remember what the "must do stuff" verb constructions are called, much less how to form them, it's pretty darn unlikely. I wish I knew where my "pocket" dictionary was. Eheu! Ego habeo nullus dictionariorum!
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They really DO have instant messenger on the ships in BSG! I am in shock!
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In two words:


In a good way, of course. See also: things shouted every time something large and man-eating came onto the screen (every five minutes, basically). Special shout-outs go to Colin Hanks, the guy from "Early Edition" who resembles Russell Crowe, Billy Elliot as Jimmy the Budding English Major, a very piratey Andy Serkis, the boat guy who looked vaguely like Ryan Stiles and was hot and who I personally thought of as "Captain Swedish Meatball" because I can't remember his name except it turns out he's actually German, the freaky little kid who looked like the creepy girl from "The Ring", and Joseph Conrad. Kong and Naomi Watts and Jack Black and Adrien Brody = similarly awesome. My only quibbles were Adrien Brody's random mad car thievery driving in icy conditions skillz and Naomi Watts' lack of frostbite. It was 22 freaking degrees in the parking lot after the movie got out, and I still can't feel my feet. She should have been an exciting shade of blue. I mean, sure, a 25-ft monkey probably gives off a lot of body heat, but she was running all over the place without him on top of the Empire State Building. Wind chill like whoa. Seriously, Peter Jackson, I can't rationalize it away that much. Also, it turns out Adrien Brody did his own car stunts, which makes him therefore the most intense person ever, but doesn't explain why they are part of a playwright's repetoire. He does however win for shooting the stupid velociraptors from Jurassic Park. Hurrah.

You should all go see the movie and see what I'm babbling about. Unless you have a really short attention span and/or get freaked out by man-eating dinosaurs, man-eating bugs, man-eating iguanas, man-eating leeches, or Jack Black.

Oh, did I mention the random apparent homages to The Emperor's New Groove? That was weird.

ETA: a completely unrelated HOLY CRAP! man-eating hair!
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< /sarcasm >

At work. Spent the morning alphabetizing and filing. It was all kinds of exciting, if by exciting you mean "mind-numbingly menial" (how's that for alliteration, hmm?). Currently on "lunch break," but as nobody knows what I'm doing, we'll see how long I can make it last. Long lunches = hurrah. The things I do for my $49.95 (I got a raise! a whole 20¢. apparently, the school district is still afraid of round numbers) a day.

The weekend was fun, though. Went to visit Marge at Lehigh! Hurrah! Got to meet Mike the (quasi*-)bf and play with Nugget the Squirrel, who is very cute, and also apparently very illegal. Possibly I will go to "People who wish they could befriend squirrels" and gloat. In further gloating news, got Marge to watch BSG and now she is addicted too. Mwahahahahahaha. That's 7 people, so far. I am invincible! It is an epidemic I tell you. An epidemic of AWESOME.

I had something else to say, and now I forget what it is. Ah well. Shall go eat food, I suppose.

Whoa, my "hungry" mood option is freaky. I do not look like that currently, I'm pretty sure it would be against dress code.

*c.f. your last note, Marge.


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