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Ahoy, mateys! I be returned just lately from me voyage to the District of Columbia in the Virginia Colony. 'Twas a great success! On Friday night, meself, Black Laura, and the fearsome lass Hallie did attend a fine soiree at Glen Echo, carousin' and dancin' late into the night. On Saturday, we devised a most cunnin' plot to deceive the Dread Meera, whose natal day it did be. (But first, alas, I acted a right scurvy dog when I did slay Black Laura's computer, a canny machine that did ever have a dislikin' of me.) We fared afar to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with her and Mad Alice, where I tried me hand at archery (under the tutelage of Black Laura, a most wicked and fearsome shot) and we pillaged and looted until we did be swimmin' with booty (and did greatly scoff at the steampunk scallywags, untutored sprogs who did be dressin' from the wrong century). Then we lured the Dread Meera back to her ship with cunnin' and deceit, where Tarred Daniel smartly did arrange a surprise party. We presented her with plundered swag (and squid humpin's!) and spliced the mainbrace to the melodious recitin's of Steve the Pirate. Today, me and Black Laura marauded the high seas, but alas, we were soon parted as I felt the sea callin' me home to Philadelphia port.

Fair winds, me hearties! I'll raise a glass o' grog to ye.
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I had a birthday! Now I FINALLY have my own house key! And other awesome stuff too, like remastered The Beatles and a complete set of Avatar DVDs and various classics of English Lit, now with more supernatural menaces.

In Other News

Ten Rules for Writing Fiction: Technically, this is "Two-Hundred and Forty-Six Rules for Writing Fiction According to Various Authors (Including Neil Gaiman), Many of Whom Disagree With One Another". Also, Margaret Atwood needs to invest in some mechanical pencils.

Oh, and Google has apparently weaponized Lester Dent's Secret Master Plot. Big Grandmother does not approve!

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Yay, new SPooN preview!

Trailer et commentary )

Yesterday was my birthday! Went out to Blue Pacific in KOP with Marge and Laura, which was quite tasty and not hideously expensive. Tonight my parents are taking me out to the Cheesecake Factory, and we are going out to Iron Hill tomorrow for my mom's birthday. It's a very birthday-filled weekend. Also, I will probably never have to eat again.

And I finally posted my story from Nano!

Defende Nos in Proelio

Not, as mea soror would have it, Defende NOSE in Proelio, because noses don't really fit into the theme. King Arthur, cannibalism, and pie, yes, but not so much noses. And I am totally not fishing for comments.
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So I lose at updating. Oops.

Tomorrow will be exactly one week from my birthday! I am now 22, which is a depressingly old-looking number. By all accounts I should be an official adult now, so if anyone has any idea of how an official adult is supposed to act, let me know. I imagine it involves things like getting jobs that have health insurance, which I am shortly going to need, so again, let me know. My time here at William and Mary has taught me that I make a really excellent student, which is unfortunately not a viable career option, so I'm having to wing it.

Being an account of my birthday partay! ) All in all, it was an evening full of win. Also cake.

Coming up are Sprink Break (whooo!) and the imminent destruction of Meera's apartment, which (pending permission of her landlord) we hope to have a hand in on Thursday night, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ahem. See, this is what happens when I don't have TV to watch. Break looks to be an exciting mix of adminstrative assistancing and dental work, so I'm going to have to get my kicks through defacing Meera's property, as any wild rebel would. It's a righteous groove, baby.

Oh, and we're having a family outing to the Franklin Institute to see the Star Wars exhibit. I GET TO SIT IN THE MILENNIUM FALCON GUYS.

To "review" for my Medieval Lit exam, Natasha and I watched the 1999 Beowulf.'Tonight, I am full of magic!' )

In conclusion: Why does everyone hate Geatland? Is it so much to ask that Beowulf can actually go home?

Finally, I would like to present your surreal link of the day: the music video for 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.
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So, these past two weeks kind of sucked out loud. Week one, I had my 19th Century Women Novelists paper due, which even though I started three days before it was due -- THREE -- still had me up til 5:00 AM the night before it was due. However, thank God for time zone differences, because this meant I felt (relatively) unguilty about making Meera read it. And this past week, I had a 1500-2000 word essay due on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which meant that I started writing on Saturday and didn't stop until yesterday morning. Yeah. But now I don't have to worry about writing papers for another 5 weeks! Of course, then I have FOUR due in one week, but I'm choosing to ignore that for now.

In more entertaining school news, yesterday was the Ides of March, and we started reading Julius Caesar. Apparently, it wasn't on purpose. Heh. Also, tomorrow we leave for Oxford!

Kirstin got me a t-shirt that says "Saving people. Hunting things." for my birthday. She wins.

Speaking of Spoon... )

In conclusion, I found this on Maya's Livejournal and had to share:

This book reminded me of a dreadful TV show about Romantic Heroes, in which the opinion was expressed that every woman wanted to marry Heathcliff, Mr Rochester or Mr Darcy.

I took offence, both for myself and for my beloved Mr Darcy. I mean, can you imagine them all in a room together?

TV PRESENTER: Boys, would you like to talk about your interest and hobbies?
ROCHESTER: Well, there’s the compulsive lying. And then there’s the cross-dressing.
HEATHCLIFF: I enjoy long romantic walks on the moors-
TV PRESENTER: Oh, that’s nice!
HEATHCLIFF: And then I round off the day by hanging a puppy.
TV PRESENTER: So, do any of you have a special lady?
ROCHESTER: Well, I may have gotten the syph from my score of mistresses. And I have this illegitimate kid. And I do have a wife, but she’s crazy and in the care of a drunk, so that won’t stick.
HEATHCLIFF: Oh snap, I have a wife too! I beat her.
DARCY: I am as yet unmarried, madam.
TV PRESENTER: Thank God for that… So, uh, what would you consider your greatest, uh, fault?
ROCHESTER: Some narrow-minded fools frown on tricking defenceless girls into bigamy.
HEATHCLIFF: So I practise incestuous necrophilia. Don’t be a hater.
DARCY: Sometimes I’m a little judgemental. And aloof at parties.
TV PRESENTER: *hides behind Mr Darcy*

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Today, I turned 21, on Mardi Gras, in a country where the drinking age is 18 and they celebrate Fat Tuesday with pancakes. Such is my life.

On the other hand, I'm not irritated with my housemates anymore!

Allyson wins at roommate espionage and picked this out for me. )

Alas, we are not going out tonight, because everyone has massive amounts of work (myself included). However, we are going to London this weekend, so fear not -- the partying will be righteous.

In other news, I win at Shakespeare. )
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As I was driving home from work today, I noticed a new sign along Township Line Rd. It asked, nonchalantly, "Are your turn signals on?" I of course answered "No," because I respond to queries posed by inanimate objects. However, upon further reflection, I have realized that the response this sign merits is actually more nuanced and deep, such as "WTF?" Unlike driving along the opposite side of Township Line Rd, it is incredibly unlikely that turning wouldn't untrip your signals, so a reminder to turn them off in this case is out of order. This leaves the possibilty that the sign is there to remind you to turn ON your signal when turning off the road, which, while handy, seems a bit arbitrary and along the lines of posting signs that say "Don't speed!" or "Stop at redlights and stop signs!", to whit, really obvious. However, as I am pro-turn signal, I shall not complain overmuch, even if it is silly.

My mother is watching two different Law and Order series at the same time, and they both involve gambling. I am so confused. Also, I'm pretty sure that on one of them, the girl who played Joanne on "Rent" is guest-starring and talking to Detective Green, which is quite amusing. However, I'm not sure who was supposed to have commited suicide and who was murdered, and why there are hard-drives and gambling river boats. Do they even have river boats in New York?

Folk Fest was last weekend. It was awesome. Everyone should listen to the Arrogant Worms, because they are funny and also Canadian. Hoots and Hellmouth has an awesome name and are also from West Chester. They like to rock out, and it is kind of hilarious. Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams wins for the best name, however. Although they all have cool names. Anyways, I am up in tie-dye, cool music, and weird skin conditions from my sunburn, so huzzah.

Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Mike! Many happy returns, except the post office kind, which are incredibly obnoxious, especially after 2 hours of sorting mail. But I guess they wouldn't be happy, would they? Anyways, Happy Birthday!
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And, you know, Diana and Marge and Danielle and everyone else.
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Jun. 17th, 2005 10:11 am
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Happy Birthday:
-Allie Jones!
-Meg Feeney's dog!
-Barry Manilow!

Many happy returns (but hopefully not in the gift department)!
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so, this is what i've been doing.

the graduation that wouldn't die )

tuesday, we loaded up kirstin's massive amounts of stuff and came home, and i saw star wars for the third time. i still think it's good.

i was going to write more, but i have to go back to sorting discipline files. CURSE YOU HANGING FILE FOLDERS.

dammit, i've broken my nail. also, i dropped my ipod earphone in my tea, and i hope it doesn't die.

happy belated birthday katherine! if it hasn't actually been your birthday yet, wait a couple days and read this again.

seriously, i'm going to stop now.
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hee! )

i find my dark side growth potential oddly appropriate.

in other news, i wish i knew more about egyptians. that might have helped on my art history exam. although i did get mention a guy named imhotep! how cool is that?

ETA: diana is officially the awesome person of the day! not only is she feeding my red dwarf habit, she sent me not one, but TWO birthday presents! diana wins! yay! i like exclamation points!


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