Sep. 6th, 2011 09:16 pm
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1. Rain whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

2. Magic Phone whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

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Wow, last week was busy. I had three goals: 1) finish two stories to submit to Machine of Death 2; 2) finish Diana's Slytherin scarf for HP 7.2; 3) finish Basara so I could give all 27 volumes back to Courtney. Naturally, I only accomplished one of these things (1). And then, on Thursday when I had a million things to do, I came down with bizarre chest congestion and general blah and have felt like a woeful Dickensian orphan all weekend.

But I did see HP 7.2 on opening night! I was underwhelmed. )

And then I drove up to Boston to see Courtney! On Saturday, we went to the MFA:

ME: ...Does that say "Cthulu"?
COURTNEY: I think it's the Chihuly exhibit.

TURNS OUT WE WERE BOTH RIGHT. Little did we know that for all appearances the world of glass-blowing is merely a cover for the Elder Gods to break through to our universe. I don't really know what else would explain the theme of extra-dimensional tentacles... )

On a similar note, adherents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are now permitted to wear pasta strainers as religious headgear for driver's license photos in Austria.

Thirty Days of Genre

Day 3: A genre novel that is underrated.

(Look, they don't say thirty CONSECUTIVE days.)

I can't think of a specific book, but I can think of a specific author: Patricia McKillip. It seems that no one has anything bad to say against her, but she rarely gets brought up in discussions about classic fantasy novels, and I think she's one of the most consistently good authors in the genre. She's awesome at riffing on some of fantasy's most compelling themes -- the power of nature, music, and story-telling -- and using its most familiar tropes in new and interesting ways while never really repeating herself. She also has a beautiful dream-like style of writing AND a knack for creating likable characters. What's not to like?

Here, have some reviews of her stuff:

The Sorceress and the Cygnet/The Bell at Sealey Head

The Cygnet and the Firebird
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Guess where I ate lunch on Saturday?

Old Town Alexandria FTW.

I stayed with the lovely Laura this weekend, who also entertained Meera and me with this hilarious vanity romance novel website, whose free samples basically equal terrible romance Mad Libs. On Sunday, a whole bunch of us headed to NMAI, where we partook of the chocolate lectures/free samples. Note to general public: always eat at Mitsitam, their cafe. It is full of delicious.

Meanwhile, my pile of used post-it notes continued to grow at an alarming rate, so I made more roses. Have some instructions this time!

Who will buy my post-it roses? / Two blooms fooooooor a penny. )

Tune in next week for discarded staple chain mail!

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random pictures from work )
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Notice anything important missing from this picture?

The Last Failbender display at B&N )
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Timeliness is for losers.

Yellowstone National Park

Artist Point )

Brink of the Falls )

Mammoth Hot Springs )

North Entrance )
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I took lots of pictures, mainly.

San Diego

Old Town

adventuring,san diego
I'm gonna pretend I shrank this for the express purpose of posting it before the cut.

More Old Town )

Salt Lake City )

Yellowstone National Park )
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Behold the awesomeness:

(l to r: a pirate, rita skeeter, a sexy slytherin, white tara, and princess leia with hair-drying laser action!)


(l to r: me)
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aside for driving for 4 hours so my dad could take a nap and getting home at 2:30 in the morning, i have accomplished absolutely nothing today. go me!

in other news, kurt has tiny track shorts. hahahaha.

pictures! )
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took pictures after class this morning, before everything melted, or rather, made ominous cracking noises and then plummeted out of the trees at rather disturbing velocities.

ice! )

also? red dwarf is the best show ever. everyone should go watch it right now.
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more snow! )
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snow! )


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